Academic Support

NDA provides many options of support from specialist to peers!


Notre Dame Academy challenges our students but also provides the support necessary to ensure they reach their academic potential. Throughout the entire year, not just during the school year,  NDA offers academic support programs and specialized personnel to help them succeed.  To learn more about the academic support options click on the links below!

Math Lab

Math Lab is open Monday through Thursday from 3:05-4 pm.  A math teacher is available in NDA’s Resource Center on a walk-in basis or you may attend regularly to assist with your math needs.

Student Flex Time

Fifteen minutes every day where students can meet with their teachers ask questions, start homework, and get academic support

Private Math Tutor

Sister Vivette, SND is available to help students with their math courses. She is, at time, available during math lab times otherwise students may email her direct at to schedule one-on-one tutoring in the resource center.

Mentored Study Hall

Study skills help in a mentored study hall, where a teacher or Intervention Specialist is available to assist you in your study needs.

Aerie Summer Institute

Aerie, translated as Eagle’s Nest, is our academic resource program.  To best carry out the school’s mission of an exceptional educational experience, we formed Aerie Summer Institute to assist students at any level who may be struggling in an academic area.  During the school year, the resources are available to all students grades 7-12. During Summer Institute freshmen are given study skills, a mentor, community, and responsibilities to abide by throughout their time at NDA.  If you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Andrea Zimmerman at

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring

Peer tutoring is a free service. If you are struggling in some area of school, you may need some extra help. Why not use this service? See below on how to get started: Peer tutoring is available through Intervention Services. For more information, email Mrs. Tami Garno at or stop by her office and she can get you started.

If you are a student who needs a little help, you have the opportunity to learn from your peers who have already mastered the subject.

Request a Peer Tutor here:

If you are a student in grades 7-12, you have the opportunity to share your talents with classmates by being a peer tutor.  You may also earn service hours!

Become a Peer Tutor here:

Intervention Services

Mrs. Tami Garno, Intervention Services is responsible for the coordination and implementation of intervention services for students who need a little extra support, such as Minor Adjustment Plans, or those who have disability determinations, are on Individualized Education Programs or Individualized Service Plans. NDA’s ultimate goal is to provide the intervention services and direct specialized instruction necessary for differently abled learners to grow and succeed within the college prep curriculum and to provide a learning environment that promotes growth through the differentiation of instruction and UDL so that all learners, regardless of individual learning needs, can access the curriculum and achieve to their fullest potential. Programs for special educational needs are available as Notre Dame Academy is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider.

For more information on Intervention Services, please contact:

Tammy Garno
Intervention Services Coordinator

Mentoring Opportunities

Link Crew
Link Crew seniors help incoming freshman navigate high school life at NDA.  Leaders and their groups plan activities and events together during the whole school year!

International Baccalaureate (IB) “Big Sis / Lil’ Sis Program

The”Big Sis, Lil Sis” part of IB is just another layer of support for students. Along with faculty, the resource center, and IB Director Ms. Angie Joseph, all students have a peer who is in the program to give them tips, guidance, and encouragement.

ACT Prep Class

This is an ideal course for juniors and even sophomores who struggle with test taking or just want to brush up on their skills. Topics covered will be general test taking strategies, especially taking the ACT