NDA artists were again well received in the juried competition for the Celebrating the Arts, spring 2019 publication. We look forward to hearing in August the results for High Merit and the Top 10 artists.

Forty-three artists will have artworks featured in this publication. Eighteen of Mrs. Nicole Mettler’s students (grades 9-12) including: Josie Genson, Madelyn Piscopo, Alex Simpson, Sierra Forrest, Lauren Susor, Lillian Westcarr, Carissa Kolcun, Maira Hafeez, Sydney Orians, Jessica Chernock, Anna Busse, Kayla Rahe, Sarah Misconi, Albany Jacques, and Caroline Connelly.

Twenty eight of Art Chair Mrs. Susan Kozal’s students (grades 9-12) were selected: Allison Merritt, Rebecca Martin, Sydney Fahrer, Cori Kemper, Georgia Woodruff, Ella Kukiela, Parker Boyd, Christien Shikwana, Megan Sosko, Claire Pawlecki, Kathryn Jackson, Raven Begell-Long, Mary K. Grzybowski, Mackenzie Orchard, Laila Jarson, Hannah Bunker, Grace Szmania, Esperanza Duran, Emily Dansack, Regan Carnes, Savannah Edwards, Wenfei Zhao, Jenna Reichert, Natalie Nester, Elisabeth Sohn, Abigail Radabaugh, Lauren Sontchi and Claire Lepkowski.

In the fall of 2018, NDA had 55 artist’s works published in the fall 2018 Celebrating the Arts.  Six of them were honored with high merit status for this publication

  • Jenna Reichert’s (ART 4H) oil painting self portrait entitled Nature’s Calling
  • Lillian Westcarr’s (Art 2) charcoal drawing entitled Home to My Heart
  • Natalie Nester’s (IB Visual Arts Year I) chalk pastel entitles Autumnal Shift
  • Megan Sosko’s (Art 4H) scratch board entitled Too Many Cables
  • Katie Geldien’s (Art 4H) scratch board entitled Midtown Majesty
  • Claire Pawlecki’s (Art 4H) pen and ink entitled Main Street Memories

We look forward to hearing in August the results for High Merit and the Top 10 artists for the spring publication. See the gallery below to view some of the published works.  View our Facebook page for a variety of other published works!