Anna Gerken ’18 Wins Life is Good T-Shirt Art Contest!

Mrs. Susan Kozel, NDA Art Chair is proud to announce that 2018 graduate Anna Gerken is a current winner for the Life Is Good T-shirt Art Contest.  The adorable image below is Anna’s design that which was inspired by her Italy trip she took with NDA between her junior and senior year last summer. The profits of sales of her design go towards the Life Is Good Kids Foundation which helps children in need.
According to the Life is good website, what we focus on grows. They asked kids to help the world grow the good by drawing what makes life good for them – and helping create a special collection Life is Good tees. The results were beautiful, hilarious, and inspiring. Over8,000 entries led them to these stellar works of wonder. ( via:  To view the winners and also to see Ann’s gallery or to purchase click the following link! – CLICK HERE