Auditions for NDA Spring Play 2020

Splendid Productions hour-long creative adaptation of MACBETH.

A dagger-sharp cast takes down Shakespeare’s classic tale of ambition, betrayal, murder, and manipulation in a boiling broth of tragedy, comedy, physical theatre and a touch of song(no singing requried for most parts). The show uses a combination of modern and Shakespearean language. No prep needed, but might want to look over a cliff notes for MACBETH.  Some characters will have a Scottish accent–so perhaps practice that as well.  

 Auditions open to all NDA High School Students and boys from any area high school.  Questions or want to audition and have trouble making the times listed?

 Email: Choose 1 of the following dates to audition: 

NDA Spring Play 2020 Auditions– Date changes for snow day! Auditions will be this Friday, February 28th.starting after school and going until :4:45 (if you need a later time, email If anyone cannot make that date and would like to audition, please contact Mrs. Sanders at We will set an appointment for you. The cast at large and call-backs will be announced by March 11th lastest. Call backs to determine individual parts will be Wednesday March 18th beginning at 4:00 p.m. (boys if this is too early for you to arrive safely–please email Mrs. Sanders). First rehearsal for all in cast will be Thursday, March 19th. Email with any questions or concerns.

No rehearsals over Easter break except for Easter Monday, April 13th. Show dates: May 1st, 2nd, 3rd