Faith in Action Teams (FIAT)

 Fiat ~ an act of will that creates something without, or as if without, effort; from the Latin for “let it be done”.

Just like Mother Mary said, “Yes” or in Latin “Fiat”, to the Lord’s call, Notre Dame Academy encourages all students to follow the call of the Lord and to serve their family, friends, community and the world.  Our Campus Ministry Directors created two FIAT” teams to be spiritual leaders at NDA.

NDA’s Faith in Action Teams (FIAT) include:

  • The Evangelization Team helps to evangelize to their peers in day to day situations, as well as prayer and worship experiences.
  • The Retreat Team helps to plan and carry out spiritually enriching retreat opportunities for the student body.
  • The Worship Team helps to lead the student body in song during Mass and other prayer opportunities. Group includes both singers and musicians.

“A friend lost her grandpa and was having a really hard time so another friend asked if she wanted to go to the chapel. I followed and found them in front of the altar praying the Our Father. Always turn to God in difficult moments.” — August M. ’19, member of the FIAT Evangelization Team