Fiddler on the Roof Musical Audition Information

In May, student auditions are held for the musical in the upcoming fall. In 2019, NDA will perform the classic, Fiddler on the Roof! All NDA students and boys from local high schools are invited to try out. Students who wish to be involved as stage crew, makeup artists, costume designers, orchestra musicians, and ushers can sign up in the fall. A spring play is presented each May. All NDA students and boys from local high schools are welcome to try out. Other students are welcome to sign up as stage crew, makeup artists, costume designers, and ushers. Contact Mrs. Trish Sanders for more information:

Click on the following link for more information the musical and an audition form: Fiddler on the Roof Audition Form

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NDA Choir Sings National Anthem for Mud Hens Opening Day!

Congratulations to the NDA Choir and Mrs. Johns for a beautiful, reverent, and flawless performance of our national anthem at the Toledo Mud Hens Opening Day!

Read about the experience at the following link:




St. John’s Jesuit Band Program Invites Eagles for Band and Color Guard Positions

If you would like to receive more information about the SJJ Band Program, or if you would like to sign up and get started – CLICK HERE! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more specialized information on the specific sections please contact the following:

Mr. Tim Martin, Director of Bands –

Mr. Tim Martin, Director of Bands –
Ms. Nicole Sarver, Percussion Instructor –

Color Guard:
Ms. Julie Meyer, Color Guard Instructor –

Freshman Art Student, Georgia Woodruff, Writes Award Winning Art Criticism

Art I freshman and NDJA alum, Georgia Woodruff wrote an award-winning essay for the 2019 Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open, sponsored by the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA). Her art criticism piece on The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp by Rembrandt won 3rd place in the Division 4: (Grades 9-12) category. She will have her essay on display as part of the Youth Art Month display and be honored at the Youth Art Month Awards Recognition Ceremony today in Columbus, Ohio.


Read Georgia’s essay below:

Analysis of Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, a painting done by Rembrandt in 1632, depicts a famous surgeon, Dr. Tulp, demonstrating a surgery to a cluster of seven politicians from that time. He’s showing the muscles in the man’s arm. The man on the table is not alive; he is the corpse of a criminal, being dissected in a teaching manner for the politicians to see. The painting utilizes lighting to emphasize the criminal as well as the men’s faces and collars versus the dull background. It also uses color and line to draw the viewer’s eyes to the exposed muscles of the man’s arm. The men also have vivid faces, expressive and colorful, which sharply contrasts the cold and colorless face of the criminal’s corpse. While the majority of the painting is comprised of duller browns and darker tones of orange, the men have bright faces with pink accents to contrast from their clothes and the background. The criminal has the same base color, except the accents are a less interesting brown, which gives the feeling of cold skin. Each man’s pose reflects a different personality, engaging the viewer in an exciting and lifelike scene.

At the time this piece was created, Dutch artists were often hired to paint group pictures. Most often, these pictures consisted of stiff figures with simple poses and expressions. However, Rembrandt put a creative twist on this by filling the subjects with life and varying their poses and expressions. Rembrandt also gave the painting a dark, cold mood, while also capturing the intrigue of the politicians. Dr. Tulp appears focused on his work, while the politicians are almost childishly interested in the surgery. It’s likely that Rembrandt painted the subjects so contrastingly to give Dr. Tulp an aura of brilliance and to draw the viewer’s attention to him just as the politicians have. This gives the group picture concept a whole new dimension, that in focusing the men on Dr. Tulp, Rembrandt has discovered a new way to place emphasis on a subject in the painting. He also intended to use this emphasis to instill a feeling of superiority into Dr. Tulp, that he has managed to capture the attention of these seven politicians and therefore has control over their perception.

NDA Fine Arts Students Place in State and National Flag Design Contest

The NDA Fine Arts Department received MORE great news regarding the Youth Art Month (YAM) Flag for Ohio contest results! Not only did Chloe Kozal ’20 win second place in the YAM Flag contest, but freshman Tiffany Smith WON third place as well! Both students will have their designs on display to celebrate YAM. The YAM Flag contest is both a state and national contest while the graphic contest is a statewide contest.


Twenty-Five NDA Speech / Debate Students Compete in State Competition!

Congratulations to NDA’s 25 State Qualifiers at the Ohio Speech & Debate Association State Finals!

Mrs. Trish Sanders, Speech and Debate Moderator would like to congratulate all “speechies” on a job well-done, as well as, give special recognition to seniors Manar Kashk, Ada Ogbonna, Hope Thayer, and Sarah Watson who were ALL four-year State Qualifiers! Go Ducks!

NDA Choir and Orchestra to Present Free Christmas Concerts

The public is invited to come enjoy a free Christmas Choir Concert on Wednesday, December 12 at 6:30pm in Notre Dame Academy’s Maria Performing Arts Center. The concert will feature performances by Notre Dame Academy’s High School and Junior Academy Choirs as well as the St. Johns Jesuit Men’s Chorus. Each group will perform then the combined high school choirs of Notre Dame Academy and St. Johns Jesuit will sing Star of Wonder, A Christmas Cantata. The SJJ Men’s Chorus will be joining pianist Jill Roth and a string quintet from the Toledo Symphony Orchestra in the Advent cantata by Luke Rosen. Mr. Rosen is Director of Choral and Liturgical Music at SJJ as well as Director of Music Ministry at Corpus Christi University Parish. Also the NDA Orchestra and NDJA Beginning Strings will be having a Christmas concert on Tuesday, December 11th at 6:30 in Fitz Commons. The program will feature Christmas tunes such as White Christmas and Do You Hear What I Hear, alongside with classics with modern twists, such as God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen played in a rock style, and Deck the Halls mashed up with Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King.


Artists Win Juror Awards in Art Show

Previously we shared that twenty artists were selected from NDA for the prestigious FOCUS Show to be on exhibition this November. Additionally, three NDA artists received juror’s awards:

Harper, Rylee (Class of 2018) for her drawing: Windwalker
Begell-Long, Raven (Class of 2019) for her oil pastel: Rigor
Jackson, Katie (Class of 2019) for her mixed media sculpture: Medal Transformation
The following students received NDA awards:
President’s Award: Shaye Brewster  (Class of 2018)  for her mixed media glass window: Hilton Head, South Carolina
Principal’s Award: Meghan Wertz (Class of 2018) for her digital drawing,  La Vieille Ville
Faculty / Staff Award: Raven Begell-Long  (Class of 2019)  for her oil painting, Raven on a Pale Horse