NDA Announces the Izzy Shuffle 5K Run/Walk – June 22

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All are invited and welcome to The Izzy Shuffle 5K Run/Walk & Kids Run Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Pacesetter Park in Sylvania.

Start Time:
5k Run/Walk – 9:00 a.m.
Kids Run (1/2 mile) – 10:00 a.m.

Registration Fee:
5K Walk/Run
$20 (till 4/30/19)
$25 (5/01/19-6/14/19)
$30 (6/15/19-race day)

Kids Run
$5 (till 6/14/19)
$10 (6/15/19-race day)

Registration Includes:
Finisher Medal
Snacks and Refreshments

Awards for age groups, both male and female
9 & under; 10-14; 15-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50-59; 60-69; 70 & older

Founded over one hundred years ago by the Sisters of Notre Dame, Notre Dame Academy remains the premiere all-girls school in northwest Ohio. Proceeds will benefit the NDA Scholarship Fund which will provide assistance to 75% of the young women enrolled at NDA in 2020.
For more information about NDA, please visit www.nda.org

Fiddler on the Roof Cast is Announced

Show dates are October 19th, 25th, and 26th at 7:00 p.m. and October 20th and 27th at 2 p.m.
Join us to see this amazing cast bring this wonderful show “to life” on the NDA stage!

Dance Captain: Sarah Korducki          

Vocal Captains: Mia Rose, Dakota Sutton

Student Director:  Maria Evola

Assistant Student Director:  Paige Howell

Cast–(loosely in order of appearance)

The Fiddler : TBA

Tevye, a dairyman: Gabe Hunyor

Golde, his wife:  Chloe Knapp

Tzeitel 1st daughter: Peyton Burnor

Hodel 2nd daughter:  Carolyne Giannini

Chava 3rd daughter : Ava Foor

Shrpintze 4th daughter: Saya Stormer

Bielke  5th daughter:  Rylie Higgins

Yente, a matchmaker:  Elise Brown

Motel Kamzoil, a tailor: Mitchell Wiley

Shandel, his mother: Maria Bier

Perchik, a student:  Jacob Rupli

Lazar Wolf, a butcher:  Charlie Mlcek

Mordcha, an innkeeper:  Bobby Cray

His wife:  Megan Vesoulis

The Rabbi:  Joseph Cannon

Mendel, his son Rumor soloist:  Ben Bascuk

Avram, a bookseller :  Josh Gray

His wife/ Rumor Soloist:  Sammy Giordano

Nahum, a beggar:  Tim Kerrigan

Grandma Tzeitel, Golde’s grandmother:  Emma Cannon

Fruma-Sarah, Lazar Wolf’s 1st wife:  Renee Marting

Yussel, a hatter:  Mack Martindale

Constable: Josef Klear

Fyedka, a young man:  Pete LaPlante

Sasha, his friend: Colby Wells

Dosta, Russian Soloist:  Carson Daill

Rivka, a villager: Sarah Korducki

Mirilla, a villager: Dakota Sutton

First Woman Rumor Soloist: Julia Regan

Second Woman Rumor Soloist: Mya Imbrock

Tevya’s customers and neighbors:  Erin Burke, Miracle Burt, Dahlia Dahboul, Lauren Dionyssiou, Sareena Harb, Aimee Jaggernauth, Brooke Leiner, Brooke Seelenbinder

Villagers: Madison Arndt, Duncan Boland, Ava Bowers, Parker Boyd, Hannah Bunker, Harmony Burt, Madison Cieslica, Grace Crowell, Jaidyn Destatte, Claire Dillon,

Esperanza Duran, Abby Garcia, Ray Hailey, Jessica Hammernik, Katie Hoyt, Jenna Jenkins, Bei Jiang, Niah Lee, Grace Levine, Bess Maume, Sarah Mickens, Madalyn Miller, Rachel Miller,

Allie Myers, Kady Nicholson, Kenzie Orchard, Nick Pasquarette, Eliana Peron, Julia Petty, Hailey Ray, Gabby Rhodes, Allison Saba, Mary Saine, Claire Summers, Joelle Thomas, Jingsi Wang,

Aylia Weinandy, Sophia Wolfinger, Georgia Woodruff, Mady Zoltowski

Summer Reading Assignment Celebrates “HER” Story!

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Woman’s Suffrage, all high school students will be required to read a biography, autobiography or memoir celebrating a woman of character, courage & commitment as we celebrate the community read theme of: “Celebrating “HER” Story”. This is for high school students only.

Valedictorian Speech Discusses the Lifelong Process of “Becoming” Our Best Selves.

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“Becoming” by Sarah Watson, Valedictorian of the Class of 2019

Games, musicals, matches.  A vibrant room with an alarming number of ducks. The room 105 famous board. Allegedly intelligent squirrels. A fierce game of musical chairs our freshman year. A memorable senior prank. These have been the shared moments that have made our 720 days together so special, adjusted for snow days of course. I’d like to give a huge thanks to the teachers and administration that have made NDA our home. I’d also like to say Thank you to the Class of 2019. It is because of you that I look back on these past four years with immense joy. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts this evening, it is one of my greatest honors.

To be completely honest, writing this speech has been a challenge. I found it difficult to reflect back on four years that have been unique to each of us, and I have no idea what the future holds. So I turned to the advice of the wisest man I know, my father. Not only is he intelligent, humble, and hilarious, but he has the best name in the world – Dr. Carl Christopher Rupert Watson.

My dad once told me that life is rather like climbing a mountain. You focus all your energy on the path before you and eventually reach the peak. You take a moment to rest, breathe. Then you open your eyes to look at the view, and before you know it you have found a new summit you wish to climb. Class of 2019, we have done this all our lives. Now you are here, on that long-awaited summit. So take a precious minute to think of the challenges, laughs, and people that got you here. Thank them. These are the moments that make life so fulfilling. Don’t freshman bio tests suddenly seem far less daunting?

What touched me in my dad’s words was not the focus on the past, nor the future, but simply what I call, “the becoming.” We are all in this period of becoming, which just means “to begin to be.” We are becoming who we were created to be. Becoming our identity. And becoming the ultimate expression of ourselves. While this period of becoming involves a certain alarm, it also allows us to rest, reflect, and think about who we truly want to be going on from here.

In Michelle Obama’s new memoir, she jokes that the silliest question someone can ask a child is “What do you want to be when you grow up? As if being is something finite. As if one day you become something, and that’s the end. Instead, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. It’s a forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. That journey never ends.

We do not need a drawn-out plan for our entire lives. But we do get to make our own choices in the “becoming” of who we are.

Albert Einstein famously remarked in a conversation with Werner Heisenberg that there is a great ship in the west with all the comforts of the modern world. But what it lacks is a compass, and so it it does not know where it’s going.

The Dalai Lama expanded on this idea of the paradox of our times. He said we have wider highways, yet narrower viewpoints. We have greater knowledge, but less wisdom. More degrees, but less sense. As Martin Luther King Jr once observed, the irony of our humanity is that we have guided missiles, but often misguided men.

Don’t you think it perplexing that humans have split the atom, but not prejudice? We have learnt to make a greater living, but not a life. And the same humanity that travelled to the moon and back struggles to start a conversation with the stranger a few feet away.

I think we live in a world where we often mistake the limelight as the only type of light. Where we have exchanged understanding for knowledge, empathy for education, and genuine happiness for temporary success.  Personal success is good, but never let success become a substitute for your values. Your education and achievement is important, but it is far more important to have empathy and compassion.

So how do we dissect this paradox of our times? Its by taking the moment to press reset, realign our values, and contemplate our choices. From here on out, we get to decide what our values our. We get to define the measure of our own success. And we get to dictate the future of our humanity.

This is not encouraging you to be someone you are not, but rather, to fulfill the highest, truest expression of who you were created to be.

Today is May 15th  and today is the day we graduate and the rules begin to change. This is one of those rules: decisions are made by those who show up. So never forget that you are a citizen of the world.

The framers of this nation went out of their way to guarantee this to you – a promise that decisions are made by those who show up. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Pursuit, like becoming, is a very active verb. It is neither passive nor guaranteed. It suggests that we cannot simply sit to the side and hope that the challenges facing the world disappear; but that we have been given the freedom and authority to go and alter our universe.

So go. Make the choice of empathy and compassion no matter how tough. Carpe the heck out of the diem. And as you go, remember this: education and talent do not for an instant put us above the world. It makes us responsible for it.

It is nights like tonight, our graduation, that I am filled with immense hope for our future. I am blessed to know so many empathetic, compassionate, and powerful members of the Class of 2019. While we may on this lifelong process of “becoming” our best selves, you have already come so far, and it is a true sign of your intelligence. I am reminded that there are fierce women graduating from NDA tonight who hold social justice apart of their very DNA. I am reminded that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Because it’s the only thing that ever has.

How do we know this? Because again and again, we see global heroes arise out of national tragedies. As our nation has recently suffered two incidents of violence within schools, brave souls have willingly sacrificed their lives. Riley Howell of the University of North Carolina, and high school senior Kendrick Castillo proved themselves examples of modern heroes when they ran into the fire. As Aaron Sorkin once said, The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. They’re our brothers and our sisters, our friends and fellow students. Yet everytime we think we have reached our capacity to improve this world, we look up and we realize that capacity may just be limitless.

We honor their memory- they are true heroes. Class of 2019 this is a time for global heroes. Not just heroes of drama or literature, but everyday, visionary heroes who make the choice to selflessly sacrifice and recklessly love in every action.

We must also choose to do one thing solely for ourselves in our “becoming” –   It is the development of our own souls. The kingdom of God is within all of us, and we should not clutter up our souls with things of little value. I’ll tell you what, you’ll never see a UHAUL following a hearse. So, store up in your soul the most precious of things: Nights like tonight. People like the ones here to support you. Jokes that make you cry with laughter. And really, really good books.

I’d ask for a moment to honor the two people in my life who have given me the freedom and support to become exactly who I want to be. Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants.” Momma, papa, you two are my giants on whose shoulders I rely. Thank you to the Class of 2019, and well done. I cannot wait to see how you continue becoming the unstoppable women I know you to be.

There is a poem by Meredith Gray that I think sums up this concept of becoming:

So, do it. Decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this the person you want to love? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger? Kinder? More Compassionate? Decide. Breathe in. Breathe out and decide.


Gabby Gill and JV Lacrosse Team Are Announced as Athletes of the Week!

Congratulations to JV  softball player and freshman Gabby Gill.  Gabby plays third base for the JV team and has been a key player in the field and in the batting line-up. Gabby leads the team in home runs, RBI’s, and batting average with runners in scoring position. She also is ranked third in fielding percentage, after having the second most total chances, assists, and put outs. According to Head JV Softball Coach Jaime Kujawa: “The virtue that Gabby emulates best is being dependable. Her coaches and teammates can always count on her to show up day in and day out with the same positive attitude and determination to improve her game.”

The entire NDA JV lacrosse team are also Athletes of the Week! According to head JV Lacrosse Coach Weezie Stoddard, “Every one of our JV lacrosse players have shown great leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for each other.  I have truly enjoyed coaching this team and getting to know these players.”


Seniors Return to Share Their Career Experiences From Senior Project Week

The 2019 senior class ventured out into the working world last week to experience their senior project. Seniors then returned to campus to share these experiences with underclass-women.

Stories of emergency rooms, pediatrician offices, court rooms, architect offices and many other working environments were shared. Seniors told of their experiences and how these experiences either solidified their college direction or changed it completely.

“My senior project experience made me feel even more confident in my college major choice. A lot of advice was given to me and I am more than ready to begin The Ohio State University to major in Biomedical Engineering!”

Megan Sherman will begin her college career at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the fall.  Megan had been leaning towards becoming a veterinarian. However, after her senior project experiences she felt that a change was in order. “I spent some of the week at Physiosource working in physical therapy and after that experience I feel a direction in physical therapy is a better fit for me.”

Hart Inc. allowed Jenna Reichert to work side by side with them for her project experience and she is completely sure the major she has been accepted to at the University of Cincinnati is the right choice! Jenna intends to pursue a communication design degree.

Notre Dame Academy Announces Top Honors: Sarah Watson and Erin Bollin

Sarah Watson and Erin Bollin earned the top grades in NDA’s graduating Class of 2019. Valedictorian Sarah and salutatorian Erin will graduate from NDA’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, a global college-level course of study that emphasizes inquiry and problem solving.

Both feel that their IB Theory of Knowledge class was one of their most significant experiences while at Notre Dame Academy. “It’s always been my favorite class because it’s a unique experience,” Sarah said. “Theory of Knowledge is an open forum to discuss and debate the questions and issues of the world.” She remembered when the class debated whether mathematical or scientific knowledge was discovered or invented. We had a great class because everyone was inquisitive.”

Their other favorite classes were IB History and IB Physics. “History has always been my favorite class because it’s the intersection of economics, politics, and literature. IB History taught me how to read, write, and think about a topic to gain a much fuller understanding of it,” said Sarah. “In IB, you’re challenged to find different ways to study or solve a problem,” added Erin. “You work much more independently so it teaches you how to deeply understand the subject and how what you know connects to various other forms of knowledge. When we derived equations, I really thought about the process I had to use to solve the problem. It’s been fun!”

Sarah will be studying political science in college but is undecided about where she will attend. She is considering attending London School of Economics, St. Andrews University in Scotland, Yale, Brown, Northwestern, or Georgetown University. She intends to concentrate in international studies and go to law school. Her goal is to eventually work in the White House or the diplomatic corps developing international policy. Sarah competed on the national level in speech and debate in 2018, was a state semi-finalist in 2019, and is President of the NDA Speech and Debate Team. Appropriate to her career goal, she competed in the International Extemporaneous Speech category where she had thirty minutes to prepare a seven minute speech on a topic that could be going on anywhere in the world. “The fast pace makes you take risks,” she said of her competitive speaking. “To compete, one must be very well read in current and global events.” In addition to competitive speaking, she has been a Student Director for Notre Dame Academy theater productions. She said the experience taught her how to troubleshoot and figure out problems on her feet. Sarah is a leader at Notre Dame Academy. She is a founder of S.A.S.S. (Students Advocating Safe Schools), president of the Current Events Club, and president of the Women of Wisdom Club. Sarah has also participated in NDA’s annual service trip to Appalachia, been a Kairos retreat leader, and helps with school liturgies as part of NDA’s FIAT (Faith In Action Team). “I was initially nervous about coming to NDA because I am not Catholic, but I found they encouraged me to grow in my own faith,” she said.

Erin came to Notre Dame Academy after attending St. Rose School in Perrysburg. She will begin college at Purdue University this fall. Following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps, she has chosen to study engineering. “What I like about engineering is the problem solving,” Erin said. “I want to find solutions to problems facing the world.” Outside of class, Erin is captain of the NDA’s varsity softball team. She received Honorable Mention All-TRAC as both a sophomore and a junior.

“Softball challenges you mentally and physically,” she explained. “You have to develop mental toughness and know what to do in different situations. I’ve enjoyed seeing the progression of the team during my four years playing,” she said. Erin’s other activities at NDA have been centered on her faith. She went on the Appalachia service trip for two years, is a Kairos retreat leader, and is a Eucharistic minister.

Summer is coming! Register Her to Discover, Learn, and Play!

Click on the picture below to register!

NDA’s Summer Academy camp registration is open and camps are filling up fast! There are already numerous camps that are closed so don’t miss out!

There are a athletic, discovery, and academic opportunities for girls entering grades K-12 in the fall 2019. New this year are 3D Printing, Pottery, Leadership Camp, High School Test Prep, Edible Experiments, Yoga, and Personal Finance! Back by popular demand are the Safe Sitter® program, Fused Glass, Art, Sew Creative, Italian Cooking, Make It Bake It Take It, Theater, Dance camps and more. The NDA Eagles, fifteen time All-Sports Champs, will host a variety of sport camps that will include volleyball, soccer, basketball, fencing & archery, and rowing! NDA is also offering academic camps. High school classes include High School Placement Test Prep, ACT Test Prep, Personal Finance, Study Skills, Health, and U.S. Government. Visit nda.org to register to view a full listing of camps.