NDA is looking for Host Families for 2020-2021 school year!

Have you ever wondered about hosting an International Student?  Notre Dame Academy is currently looking for a host family for an international student that have been accepted and will begin in the Fall of 2020!  

She is from Thailand and will be a senior. She is very sweet and speaks English. She likes pets, playing games, art, taking photos and basketball. She is aware about school possibly being online and is ok with this as she wants to learn more about American culture and practicing her English skills.  Please contact Angie Joseph asap to learn more about hosting. There is no obligation if you inquire.
We encourage you and your family to consider hosting an international student for the next school year.  Do you and your family want to learn a new language and culture, want to help a student from another country learn more about the US? Then this experience is for you! We have students all ages waiting for a place to call home in the US.

Any of the following situations can work as a Host Family: NDA families, young couples, retirees, single parents raising teenage (or younger) children, couples whose children have left home, single people with no children. There is no perfect setting required. Just love and support, a bed and place to store their things.

Consider some of these benefits of hosting.

  • Gain an international daughter to share your families experiences!
  • Expand your family’s horizons, connect them to the world and expose them to new cultures
  • Create relationships between your family and the student for life! Many of the NDA international students are still in contact with their families years after going back home.

Our international students love experiencing our american culture and traditions as much as we love learning about their customs, foods, and celebrations. Please contact Ms. Angela Joseph, International Student Coordinator, at 419.725.1253 to learn more about the benefits of being a host family and how you can sign up to host a future NDA International Student!

NDA Announces Return to School in August!



NDA Musical Announcement for students grades 9-12

As many of you know, theatre has been hit hard by the pandemic, but we are still planning on having a fall musical that is adapted to current conditions. In particular, it will need to allow for:

Social distancing for the audience in attendance

With our spring play, we showed how a socially distant show might occur. Performances took place outside. The audience was limited to family members. 

Streaming to a wide audience

The spring play will be broadcast through BCAN. Although it is unknown yet if that will be possible for our musical, we are hoping. 

Social distancing for the cast and crew

The musical we perform will also need to limit the number of people together on stage and in rehearsals.

Your musical team and school administrators met this summer to talk about what was the best choice for a show that could be performed outdoors and would allow for small groups of people onstage at a time.  It also had to be a show that would be the best for our talented performers.  

Unfortunately, our planned show, MATILDA, is not a show that easily adapts to these precautions.  It has lots of numbers with lots of people together on stage.  It is absolutely not allowed to be streamed or filmed. It has special effects that would be difficult to stage outside. Because of that, we rebooked the show for fall of 2021!  Seniors, we know this will be particularly difficult for you, but we want to do everything we can to produce a show that can work under current conditions.

As disappointed as we are about postponing MATILDA–we are just as excited about the new show we’ve chosen–INTO THE WOODS!  It is a show with a lot of feature and lead roles that allows great flexibility on the stage and for rehearsals.  There are very few times that the cast is all together on stage, so social distancing can be done. There will be a small dance ensemble.  If you have seen the movie or done ITW Jr–this is better! At this point, Sondheim has not released it for streaming, but he has also not said no to streaming–pray now!

To deal with COVID, we have to be flexible and understand that we are in a shifting world.  To make this the best possible experience for all, we will double cast the show–this means that there will be two shows for each cast. This is less than our usual five but will allow for rain dates.It allows for more students to be cast in the show despite having to keep numbers down.

This is also important because it allows for flexibility in case someone in the cast needs to go into quarantine.

  • July 14–Musical packets will be available online
  • July 21, July 22, August 4, August 5 at from 6-7:30ish in the evening–first auditions.You will only have to come to one audition. NEW THIS YEAR: to allow for social distancing, you must sign up for an audition time.
  • August 13 starting most likely at 4:00pm and Saturday August 15 most likely 10:00am–callbacks

As always our auditions are open to boys from area high schools–please pass the word! We ask that you be aware of social distancing even when coming for auditions–please pay attention to the guidelines in the audition packet! 

We are planning on holding auditions probably mostly outside.  Masks or face shields will be worn.  Practice wearing them as you prep for the auditions! Remember, we all need to be flexible.  

Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience for as many people as we can–under the circumstances.  There are no guarantees as we all must go with safety and health department guidelines, but we will try our hardest for you all to put on a great show this fall. In the audition packet, there will be more info and a set date and time for a zoom for anyone who feels they need more clarification!!  Questions or conflicts with auditions times–email tsanders@nda.org

Love and blessings to you all!   

Mrs Sanders and the musical team!  


Below are AUDITION PDF’s for you to print

Read this first!


Boys Acting Page

Girl’s Acting Page

Into the Woods – Character Descriptions (1)

Audition Form.doc










NDA Important Dates 2020-2021

Dates to Remember 2020– 2021

August 13 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL & Underclass Pictures – BLAZERS
September 3 Parent/Teacher Night
September 4 Early Dismissal at 12:15 pm
September 7 NO CLASSES – Labor Day
September 23 -September 24 Visitation
October 16 End of First Quarter
October 23 SCHEDULE 6 – 2 Hour Delay


October 28

Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm

1-4 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (1st  Session) 5-8 pm Parent/Teacher Conferences (2nd Session)

October 29 SCHEDULE 6 – 2 Hour Delay
November 6 Pilgrimage – Early Release
November 8 Open House
November 25-27 NO CLASSES – Thanksgiving Break
December 16-18 Exams
December 18 End of Second Quarter
December 19-January 4 NO CLASSES – Christmas Break


January 5

Classes Resume

Schedule 6 – 2-hour delay (Grades 7-10) Financial Literacy Seminar Grades 11 & 12


January 6

Schedule 6 – 2-hour delay (Grades 7-10)

Financial Literacy Seminar Grades 11 & 12

January 15 NO CLASSES – Faculty/Staff Formation
January 18 NO CLASSES – Martin Luther King Day
January 22 SCHEDULE 6 – 2 Hour Delay
February 15 NO CLASSES – President’s Day
March 12 End of Third Quarter
March 24 Schedule 6 – 2-hour delay
April 2-April 11 NO CLASSES – Easter Break
April 12 Classes Resume
May 4 NO CLASSES – Testing
May 5-7 Classes start at 12p – Testing
May 14 May Crowning (Full Day of School)
May 17-18 Senior Exams
May 31 NO CLASSES – Memorial Day
June 1-3 Exams (Grades 7-10)/Junior KAIROS
June 3 8th Grade Graduation
NDA Logo

NDA Announces Second Semester Honors!

Notre Dame Academy has the largest all-girls International Baccalaureate, HonorsAdvanced Placement academic curriculum in northwest Ohio. NDA also offers one of the most outstanding fine arts programs including over 40 opportunities in speech, drama, visual arts, dance, voice, and instrumental. NDA is the only school in northwest Ohio that offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate World School Diploma Program. Academic honors are bestowed at the end of each semester for students who achieve a 3.0 or higher. First Honor is 4.0 or higher, Second Honors is 3.5 – 3.99, and Third Honors is 3.0 – 3.49.
Below is a list of NDA FIRST SEMESTER 2019-2020 Honor Students: Note: Students listed are those families who have given permission for honors to be posted.  If you do not see a family/student name listed, they need to contact NDA and update their permission information.
Brianna Ackerman 9 3rd
Tyiona Allen 9 2nd
Joanna Alnaqeeb 9 2nd
Ellie Assenmacher 9 1st
Mallika Badoni 9 1st
Kathryn Bissell 9 1st
Lilly Black 9 2nd
Amelia Brogley 9 1st
Hannah Bunker 9 2nd
Nevaeh Cable 9 3rd
Mallory Caldwell 9 1st
Jacqueline Chlebowski 9 1st
Maddie Cieslica 9 1st
Emma Cole 9 3rd
Shianne Cole 9 2nd
Mckenzie Collins 9 1st
Grace Crowell 9 1st
Jaidyn Destatte 9 3rd
Anna Deutschman 9 1st
Clare Dillon 9 2nd
Danielle Donkor 9 1st
Chloe Driver 9 2nd
Samantha Drzewiecki 9 2nd
Julia Ellis 9 1st
Margaret Finnegan 9 1st
Maya Fister 9 1st
Ava Foor 9 1st
Savannah French 9 2nd
Marcel Gammoh 9 2nd
Abby Garcia 9 1st
Grace Garcia 9 3rd
Selena Garcia 9 1st
Riley Gasaway 9 3rd
Johanna Grzybowski 9 1st
Luisa Guerrero 9 1st
Raegan Hamic 9 3rd
Riley Higgins 9 1st
Jai’Lynne Hitt-Swartz 9 3rd
Helena Houck 9 3rd
Katherine Hoyt 9 1st
Mya Imbrock 9 1st
Abrianna Imbrogno 9 2nd
Milena Ingle 9 2nd
Kennedy Jefferson 9 2nd
Jenna Jenkins 9 2nd
Morgan Jensen 9 1st
Katelyn Jones 9 1st
Maia Jones 9 3rd
Alina Jordan 9 1st
Josephine Jurek 9 1st
Abigail Kaufman 9 2nd
Skylar Kearns 9 3rd
Mackenzie Keene 9 1st
Maya Khalil 9 3rd
Sanina Khan 9 3rd
Ava Kinn 9 2nd
Samantha Koesters 9 2nd
Abby Kristof 9 1st
Emma Kudlac 9 1st
Grace Kudlac 9 1st
Katharine Kudlac 9 1st
Carlie Kukiela 9 1st
Carli Laux 9 1st
Courtney Lestock 9 1st
Gabby Lick 9 3rd
Grace Lowe 9 1st
Megan Lystad 9 1st
Brooke Madison 9 2nd
Allie Magers 9 1st
Elle Malczewski 9 1st
Anna Martin 9 2nd
Kayla McLaughlin 9 2nd
Carly McMahon 9 1st
Daisy Mendez-Mejia 9 3rd
Madeline Merryman 9 1st
Ashlyn Miller 9 2nd
Stephanie Miller 9 1st
Jacqueline Moates 9 1st
Joelle Moore 9 1st
Gabriella Morehouse 9 2nd
Maggie Mossing 9 3rd
Emily Myers 9 2nd
Gina Napoli 9 2nd
Kiana Nel 9 1st
Julia Nester 9 1st
Emma Nofziger 9 1st
Pearl Ohene-Larbi 9 2nd
Sydney Olson 9 1st
Sydney Palmer 9 2nd
Aleigha Parrack 9 2nd
Eliana Peron 9 2nd
Giana Pinardo 9 2nd
Grace Pizza 9 2nd
Molly Poitinger 9 1st
Hailey Ray 9 3rd
Katie Reau 9 1st
Erin Reed 9 1st
Julia Regan 9 1st
Kelsey Rose 9 1st
Marla Shern 9 2nd
Anne Smaciarz 9 2nd
Dekota Smith 9 2nd
Lillie Kate Smith 9 1st
Reagan Snyder 9 1st
Sophia Sorensen 9 2nd
Stephanie Sosko 9 1st
Keira Spielvogel 9 2nd
Sara Stapleton 9 1st
Janelle Suarez 9 1st
Kaylee Szymanski 9 2nd
Claire Tam 9 1st
Rose Thaman 9 2nd
Anna Timbrook 9 1st
Jordan Tracy 9 1st
Dani Wardrop 9 2nd
Elizabeth Weaver 9 3rd
Ayla Weinandy 9 1st
Sophia Wolfinger 9 2nd
Samar Yaghi 9 3rd
Sarah Yaghi 9 2nd
Alia Ahmad 10 2nd
Houda Akl 10 1st
Trinity Alexander 10 3rd
Bennett Armstrong 10 1st
Elizabeth Axe 10 2nd
Jordyn Bailey 10 1st
Victoria Barkhimer 10 1st
Shannon Bollin 10 1st
Ava Bowers 10 1st
Lauren Boyd 10 2nd
Parker Boyd 10 1st
Morgan Briner 10 3rd
Elise Brown 10 2nd
Abigail Buerk 10 2nd
Caylee Bunker 10 1st
Peyton Burnor 10 1st
Iliana Calcamuggio 10 1st
Regan Carnes 10 1st
Lauren Chytil 10 1st
Caroline Connelly 10 2nd
Anna Cornell 10 1st
Dahlia Daboul 10 1st
Emily Dansack 10 1st
Hailey De La Torre 10 2nd
Alyssa Debruyne 10 3rd
Charlize Delos Santos 10 1st
Irene Dieter 10 2nd
Esperanza Duran 10 3rd
Mercedes Evener 10 2nd
Chelsea Fall 10 3rd
Amani Foster 10 1st
Emma Frost 10 1st
Toni Frost 10 3rd
Rhema Gaston 10 3rd
Gabriele Gill 10 2nd
Megan Gillig 10 1st
Samantha Giordano 10 1st
Zoe Greenbaum 10 1st
Raegan Griffith 10 1st
Mary Grzybowski 10 1st
Maira Hafeez 10 1st
Jessica Hamernik 10 1st
Lillian Hanus 10 2nd
Joan Hartlage 10 1st
Corinne Heban 10 1st
Alison Heerdegen 10 1st
Samantha Heywood 10 2nd
Lillia Hittler 10 2nd
Robin Johnston 10 1st
Dina Kanaan 10 1st
Emma Kapszukiewicz 10 1st
Claire Kersten 10 3rd
Caitlin Kidwell 10 1st
Seneca Klockowski 10 2nd
Madison Kristof 10 1st
Ella Kukiela 10 2nd
Josie Lawrence 10 1st
Madison Lenkay 10 1st
Claire Lepkowski 10 1st
Anna Lorton 10 2nd
Mollie Malone 10 2nd
Maria Yzabel Manimtim 10 1st
Sneha Mashalkar 10 1st
Rylee McBride 10 2nd
Madison Mergen 10 2nd
Sarah Mickens 10 2nd
Sarah Miller 10 2nd
Sydney Miller 10 1st
Marleigh Mitchell 10 3rd
Rachel Moeller 10 1st
Claire Morgan 10 2nd
Cimran Naik 10 1st
Marla Nearhood 10 2nd
Amanda Ngo 10 1st
Lauren O’Brien 10 1st
Sydney Orians 10 2nd
Kennedi Pesartic 10 3rd
K’Leigh Peske 10 3rd
Paige Reece 10 1st
Gabrielle Rhodes 10 1st
Taylor Roscoe 10 2nd
Natalia Rosebrock 10 2nd
Alexandria Roth 10 2nd
Cheyenne Rushing 10 3rd
Allison Saba 10 3rd
Tamara Salameh 10 1st
Grace Sanford 10 1st
Alyssa Sayed 10 3rd
Alaina Schwartz 10 3rd
Alexis Sherman 10 1st
Isabel Smith 10 1st
Marielle Smith 10 1st
Tiffany Smith 10 3rd
Elisabeth Sohn 10 1st
Lauren Sontchi 10 1st
Maia Soulis 10 1st
Kylee Stanley 10 2nd
Paige Stephens 10 2nd
Isabella Strbik 10 1st
Erin Sturgeon 10 2nd
Claire Summers 10 2nd
Lauren Susor 10 1st
Joelle Thomas 10 2nd
Audrey Tyo 10 1st
Grace VanSlooten 10 2nd
Adishree Verma 10 1st
Claire Vincent 10 2nd
Layla Walker 10 3rd
Xuanyi (Jesse) Wang 10 2nd
Dana Warner 10 3rd
Keelin Wiklendt 10 3rd
Marley Wilhelm 10 1st
Georgia Woodruff 10 1st
Kylie Woodward 10 1st
Wenfei Zhao 10 1st
Madison Zoldowski 10 3rd
Noelle Albright 11 1st
Chanita Alcaraz 11 1st
Rachel Allison 11 1st
Madison Arndt 11 1st
Olivia Assenmacher 11 1st
Elyse Bell 11 1st
Madison Bell 11 2nd
Natalie Bialecki 11 2nd
Jenna Biedenharn 11 1st
Jaelyn Braden 11 1st
Erin Burke 11 1st
Miracle Burt 11 1st
Anna Busse 11 1st
Maya Card 11 3rd
Jillian Cendol 11 2nd
Paige Chaffee 11 1st
Jessica Chernock 11 1st
Kalina Conley 11 3rd
Addison Crawford 11 1st
Colleen Culp 11 2nd
Elizabeth Darrow 11 2nd
Kareen Darwich 11 1st
A’liyah Davis 11 3rd
Amanda Deku 11 1st
Nicole Douaihy 11 2nd
Natalie Doumet 11 1st
Kara Driver 11 3rd
Chelsea Drummond 11 2nd
Maria Evola 11 1st
Nia Files 11 2nd
Hailey Firsdon 11 1st
Elizabeth Garver 11 1st
Carolyne Giannini 11 2nd
Allyson Gibbons 11 2nd
Zoe Gibbs 11 3rd
Simone Gilbert 11 3rd
Gretchen Gmitter 11 1st
Journee Hall 11 2nd
Sareena Harb 11 1st
Brynna Hastings 11 1st
Samantha Heckman 11 2nd
Lauren Hitts 11 1st
Kayla Holloway 11 3rd
Katherine Holmes 11 1st
Paige Howell 11 1st
Paige Howell 11 3rd
Claire Hoyt 11 2nd
Emma Hoyt 11 1st
Aimee Jaggernauth 11 2nd
Hayden Kajfasz 11 1st
Audrey Kelly 11 1st
Carissa Kolcun 11 1st
Molly Kolodzaike 11 1st
Abby Korczynski 11 1st
Nevaeh Krontz 11 3rd
Jillian Labeau 11 2nd
Morgan Lake 11 1st
Ryen Langford 11 2nd
Ava Lutz 11 3rd
Olivia Lystad 11 3rd
Marisa Mack 11 3rd
Tina Maly 11 1st
Rayleena Manzanarez 11 3rd
Sofia Marquez 11 1st
Kaitlyn Marshall 11 2nd
Renee Marting 11 1st
Mckenna Matson 11 1st
Elizabeth Maume 11 1st
McKenna Meehan 11 1st
Kaylin Meneilly 11 1st
Madeline Miller 11 1st
Rachel Miller 11 1st
Alison Myers 11 1st
Isabel Nester 11 1st
Jordan Nichols 11 1st
Kadence Nicholson 11 1st
Claire Ohns 11 3rd
Mackenzie Orchard 11 1st
Jillian Parker 11 2nd
Amanda Pawlecki 11 1st
Emma Pelton 11 3rd
Sasha Perry 11 2nd
Julia Petty 11 1st
Ainsley Pike 11 1st
Madelyn Piscopo 11 1st
Abigail Radabaugh 11 1st
Suha Rahal 11 2nd
Gabriella Ravas 11 1st
Alyson Ray 11 1st
Seyoung Ree 11 1st
Lily Rieman 11 1st
Halle Rindler 11 1st
Jane Ryan 11 1st
Erica Sacoto 11 1st
Christine Salcedo 11 1st
Jenah Sayed 11 2nd
Brooke Seelenbinder 11 1st
Katie Seewer 11 1st
Riley Shelnick 11 2nd
Ellen Shern 11 1st
Kaitlin Shiple 11 2nd
Jocelyn Shook 11 3rd
Susan Shrader 11 2nd
Kristina Sim 11 1st
Alexandra Simpson 11 1st
Olivia Sims 11 1st
Riley Skinner 11 3rd
Allison Sosko 11 1st
Madison Soulis 11 1st
Jade Spidel 11 1st
Katherine Stapleton 11 2nd
Saja Stormer 11 1st
Kacie Suiter 11 2nd
Natalie Suwinski 11 1st
Claire Szymkowiak 11 1st
Muriel Toerne 11 2nd
Abigail Valentine 11 2nd
Sydney Vargas 11 1st
Serena Villegas 11 2nd
Alexandria Wolfe 11 3rd
Timberlin Wyse 11 1st
Julia Zigray 11 1st
Carissa Zirbel 11 1st
Kulsoom Ahmad 12 1st
Aishlin Armstrong 12 1st
Rayonna Armstrong 12 1st
Sarah Atallah 12 1st
Madelyn Ball 12 1st
Kayla Bias 12 3rd
Maria Bier 12 1st
Katherine Blandford 12 1st
Nyla Brown 12 2nd
Lillian Bunker 12 1st
Jazmine Burkes 12 1st
Emma Cannon 12 1st
Erynn Carpenter 12 2nd
Madalyn Chapman 12 2nd
Tiffany Chen 12 1st
Hannah Cook 12 1st
Allison Cooley 12 2nd
Monica Corder 12 3rd
Megan Cunningham 12 1st
Aadya Davis 12 3rd
Shruti Daya 12 1st
Lauren Deutschman 12 1st
Lauren Devine 12 1st
Sophia Dieter 12 2nd
Lauren Dionyssiou 12 1st
Natalie Diver 12 2nd
Natalie Douaihy 12 1st
Taylor Dulinski 12 1st
Nivene El Mays 12 1st
Edralhin Jelian Encarnacion 12 1st
Sarah Faisal 12 1st
Layne Faunce 12 3rd
Abigail Firsdon 12 1st
Molly Fitzpatrick 12 3rd
Anna Flores 12 2nd
Grace Foor 12 1st
Katelyn Garza 12 1st
Heather Gear 12 3rd
Josephina Genson 12 2nd
Afrodite Georgakopoulos 12 1st
Sage Gibson 12 1st
Hannah Gomez 12 1st
Megan Harris 12 2nd
Tenley Hartford 12 1st
Katelyn Imbrock 12 1st
Caroline Jarrell 12 1st
Jamie Jenkins 12 1st
Hunter Jensen 12 3rd
Bei Jiang 12 1st
Margaret Jurek 12 1st
Hailey Kaufman 12 2nd
Corinne Kemper 12 1st
Tae Eun (Mia) Kim 12 1st
Leah Klockowski 12 3rd
Chloe Knapp 12 1st
Kassidy Kokotaylo 12 1st
Sarah Korducki 12 1st
Caitlyn Kowalski 12 1st
Chloe Kozal 12 2nd
Emilyn Lagger 12 1st
Jessica Lehmkuhl 12 1st
Brooke Leiner 12 3rd
Grace Levine 12 1st
Jayna Lonsway 12 1st
Cheridyn Lyczkowski 12 1st
Margretta Macy 12 2nd
Troi Maddox 12 2nd
Rebecca Martin 12 1st
Isabella Mazur 12 1st
Allison Merritt 12 1st
Lauryn Mick 12 1st
Hannah Miller 12 1st
Madelyn Miller 12 3rd
Victoria Miller 12 1st
Alicia Moreno 12 1st
Katie Mortemore 12 2nd
Aylia Naqvi 12 1st
Nikita Nel 12 1st
Natalie Nester 12 1st
Jennifer Ngo 12 1st
Selina Ohene Obeng 12 2nd
Megan Ohlinger 12 1st
Paige Payden 12 1st
Rachel Pietrzak 12 2nd
Valeria Ponce 12 1st
Jazlyn Purnell 12 3rd
Kathryn Riddle 12 1st
Reagan Root 12 3rd
Amelia Rose 12 1st
Autumn Rowan 12 1st
Sophia Ruse 12 1st
Mary Saine 12 1st
Hannah Salameh 12 1st
Sara Schultz 12 1st
Nirmiti Shah 12 1st
Shitan (Sylvia) Shentu 12 2nd
Raquel Sierra 12 3rd
Rachel Spencer 12 1st
Alyssa Stark 12 1st
Elise Straub 12 1st
Tierney Sturgeon 12 1st
Dakota Sutton 12 1st
Vivian Szymanski 12 1st
Megan Vesoulis 12 1st
Jingsi Wang 12 1st
Reyhana Wassel 12 1st
Sydni Waugh 12 1st
Angel Wayton 12 1st
Elizabeth Weathers 12 1st
Julia Webb 12 1st
Grace Werner 12 1st
Lillian Westcarr 12 1st
Katherine Wisniewski 12 1st
Guadalupe Zarate 12 2nd
Aubrey Zmuda 12 1st
Madyson Zoltowski 12 1st



NDA Summer Academy

NDA Summer Academy Re-Opens!

NDA SUMMER ACADEMY 2020 REGISTRATION IS REOPEN AND WE’RE CELEBRATING WITH A $20 OFF ALL CAMPS –  Any questions please contact, Tgalloway@nda.org.

REGISTER TODAY by clicking here!


  • STEM (grades 5-8)
  • Art Studio Sampler (grades 5-8)
  • Voice & Performance Skills (grades 5-8)
  • 3D Printing/Makerspace (grades 5-8)
  • Fun with Food (grades 5-8)


  • Study Skills Boot Camp (grades 6-9)
  • High School Placement Test Prep (grades 7-8)
  • Yoga (grades 5-8)
  • Costume Design (grades 5-8)
  • Writer’s Cafe (grades 5-8)

All camps are Monday through Thursday from 9:00-11:00 am. Since camps will be conducted in compliance with the State of Ohio social distancing guidelines. Registration for each camp will be limited to eight campers.

Over the summer, we are giving school tours and taking applications for grades 7-11 for 2020-21. For information, contact admissions @nda.org!

SA20 july graphic IG.png


Mrs. Andrea Zimmerman Named Principal of NDA

Andrea (Zobler) Zimmerman ‘96, current Dean of Academics, will rise to the position of Principal of Notre Dame Academy on July 1. Mrs. Zimmerman has been a teacher for 18 years and has been leading academics at NDA since 2013. A lifelong Toledo resident, she holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Lourdes University and a Bachelors in Education from The University of Toledo. With her teaching experience and 7 years as Dean of Academics, Zimmerman is exceptionally qualified to ensure Notre Dame Academy continues to be the area’s premier academic choice for girls.
As a 1996 alumna of Notre Dame Academy, she knows firsthand the “plaid sisterhood” felt by anyone who has attended Notre Dame Academy. Additionally, she personally understands what it is like to be an NDA parent, because her daughter currently attends NDA. With this rich background, Mrs. Zimmerman will bring a personal understanding of the dreams and needs of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumnae of NDA.
“I think continuity and stability is particularly important this year,” said Zimmerman. “Notre Dame Academy and Catholic Education are in my blood so I’m excited to continue fulfilling NDA’s mission in a new role.”
Mrs. Zimmerman feels it is important to act as a faith and work-life balance role model for NDA students. She and her husband Michael are parents of four children. She has served on the Advisory Council for All Saints Catholic School. She also serves as a catechist at All Saints. The Zimmermans have been members of All Saints Catholic Church since 2007.

NDA Announces Top Honors!

NDA would like to congratulate Aylia Naqvi, valedictorian and Megan Ohlinger, salutatorian of the Class of 2020!