Julia Webb and Elizabeth Garver Receive Monsignor Jerome E. Schmit Youth Foundation Scholarship

Notre Dame Academy junior Julia Webb and sophomore Elizabeth Garver each received a Monsignor Jerome E. Schmit Youth Foundation Scholarship at a dinner to celebrate and introduce the winners.  The evening’s featured guest speaker was Jason Candle, University of Toledo’s Head Football Coach.

President Kim Grilliot attended the dinner in support of Elizabeth (left) and Julia (right).

Julia is an International Baccalaureate student, as well as completes AP coursework.  At NDA she is a member of the varsity basketball and soccer teams, treasurer of the Asian Club and is a member of the Spanish Club, and S.E.A.L. Team.

Elizabeth will also be a recipient of the $1,200 scholarship award. At NDA she is a Spanish tutor, student council representative, member of the tennis, lacrosse, and diving team, an Assistant Sound Manager of NDA theatre productions, and a Campus Ministry FIAT Retreat Team Leader.  Elizabeth, an honors student at NDA, received the Jefferson Youth Award Foundation Winner in 2018 for her dedication to public service, leadership, and as a Toledo YES Project volunteer.

The Youth Foundation was established in 1991 to perpetuate the work of Monsignor Jerome E. Schmit who worked with the young people of the Toledo diocese.  Through the Monsignor Jerome E. Schmit Youth Foundation, scholarships are presented to eligible Metro-Toledo Catholic High School students who demonstrate financial need, as well as keeping a solid grade point average.

Notre Dame Academy Announces Valedictorians: Sarah Watson and Erin Bollin

Sarah Watson and Erin Bollin earned the top grades in NDA’s graduating Class of 2019. Sarah and Erin will graduate from NDA’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, a global college-level course of study that emphasizes inquiry and problem solving.

Both feel that their IB Theory of Knowledge class was one of their most significant experiences while at Notre Dame Academy. “It’s always been my favorite class because it’s a unique experience,” Sarah said. “Theory of Knowledge is an open forum to discuss and debate the questions and issues of the world.” She remembered when the class debated whether mathematical or scientific knowledge was discovered or invented. We had a great class because everyone was inquisitive.”

Their other favorite classes were IB History and IB Physics. “History has always been my favorite class because it’s the intersection of economics, politics, and literature. IB History taught me how to read, write, and think about a topic to gain a much fuller understanding of it,” said Sarah. “In IB, you’re challenged to find different ways to study or solve a problem,” added Erin. “You work much more independently so it teaches you how to deeply understand the subject and how what you know connects to various other forms of knowledge. When we derived equations, I really thought about the process I had to use to solve the problem. It’s been fun!”

Sarah will be studying political science in college but is undecided about where she will attend. She is considering attending London School of Economics, St. Andrews University in Scotland, Yale, Brown, Northwestern, or Georgetown University. She intends to concentrate in international studies and go to law school. Her goal is to eventually work in the White House or the diplomatic corps developing international policy. Sarah competed on the national level in speech and debate in 2018, was a state semi-finalist in 2019, and is President of the NDA Speech and Debate Team. Appropriate to her career goal, she competed in the International Extemporaneous Speech category where she had thirty minutes to prepare a seven minute speech on a topic that could be going on anywhere in the world. “The fast pace makes you take risks,” she said of her competitive speaking. “To compete, one must be very well read in current and global events.” In addition to competitive speaking, she has been a Student Director for Notre Dame Academy theater productions. She said the experience taught her how to troubleshoot and figure out problems on her feet. Sarah is a leader at Notre Dame Academy. She is a founder of S.A.S.S. (Students Advocating Safe Schools), president of the Current Events Club, and president of the Women of Wisdom Club. Sarah has also participated in NDA’s annual service trip to Appalachia, been a Kairos retreat leader, and helps with school liturgies as part of NDA’s FIAT (Faith In Action Team). “I was initially nervous about coming to NDA because I am not Catholic, but I found they encouraged me to grow in my own faith,” she said.

Erin came to Notre Dame Academy after attending St. Rose School in Perrysburg. She will begin college at Purdue University this fall. Following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps, she has chosen to study engineering. “What I like about engineering is the problem solving,” Erin said. “I want to find solutions to problems facing the world.” Outside of class, Erin is captain of the NDA’s varsity softball team. She received Honorable Mention All-TRAC as both a sophomore and a junior.

“Softball challenges you mentally and physically,” she explained. “You have to develop mental toughness and know what to do in different situations. I’ve enjoyed seeing the progression of the team during my four years playing,” she said. Erin’s other activities at NDA have been centered on her faith. She went on the Appalachia service trip for two years, is a Kairos retreat leader, and is a Eucharistic minister.

Behind NDA: The Campus

Notre Dame Academy is nestled on an 18-acre campus that includes athletic fields, a prayer garden including a Japanese rock garden that was created and installed by NDA art students, outside dining and studying areas. NDA’s landscaping highlights flowering trees, colorful perennials, resting benches, and a dedicated rose garden. The campus also includes its own theater, a gymnasium and fitness room, a chapel, dance studio, dining commons, resource and makerspace center, broadcast studio, art studio (including pottery kilns), science labs, and a technology center.

Our campus is built around, and for student, academic and mental health success. Throughout the building are hydration stations, common areas that include charging stations for their learning technologies with time carved out of their daily schedule for the sole purpose of meeting with teachers regarding academic questions and to eat a nutritious snack. The entire building is equipped a brand new HVAC system so that learning may continue without the distraction of extreme temperatures.

Among all of the amenities you will also find the presence of Mother Mary, the Patron Saint of Notre Dame Academy, throughout our campus. Her presence can be found prominently at the entry of our school, in hallways, classrooms, and offices, and of course, in the NDA Chapel.

Many people know that NDA is on the corner of Monroe and Sylvania. We want to share how blessed we are to have a campus dedicated and equipped for learning and spiritual growth, as well as, how thankful we are to the donors who support the additions and upgrades along with the individuals who maintain these amenities; namely Building Supervisor at NDA and 30 year staff member, Mr. Steve Demski, Dustin Williams, Pat Cluckey, Dawn Barrow, and Patrik Davison.  We hope you enjoy this glimpse of Behind NDA: Our Campus, Not Just a Corner!

St. John’s Jesuit Band Program Invites Eagles for Band and Color Guard Positions

If you would like to receive more information about the SJJ Band Program, or if you would like to sign up and get started – CLICK HERE! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more specialized information on the specific sections please contact the following:

Mr. Tim Martin, Director of Bands – tmartin@sjjtitans.org

Mr. Tim Martin, Director of Bands – tmartin@sjjtitans.org
Ms. Nicole Sarver, Percussion Instructor – nsarver4u@gmail.com

Color Guard:
Ms. Julie Meyer, Color Guard Instructor – jacm1610@gmail.com

NDA Varsity Basketball To Compete in State FINAL FOUR!

For the sixth time, in the past eight seasons, NDA’s Varsity Basketball Team has earned a spot in the OHSAA State Final Four!

Image may contain: 22 people, people smiling

Game Info:

Division I OHSAA State Semifinal featuring Notre Dame Academy v. Pickerington Central High School

Friday, March 15, 8:00 PM at Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center, The Ohio State University, 555 Borror Dr., Columbus, OH 43210

OHSAA Info:  https://ohsaa.org/Sports-Tournaments/Basketball-Girls/Girls-Basketball-2018-19/2019-OHSAA-Girls-Basketball-State-Tournament-Coverage

Tourney Bracket:  https://officials.myohsaa.org/Admin/Bracket/PublicBracket?TournamentId=531

Parking is free.


Presale Ticket Info:

Presale tickets will be sold at NDA on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

All presale tickets are $8 (and NDA receives a share of our presale profits).  Student tickets for the student section are General Admission and are for students only.  All other tickets (adults) are for reserved seats in our allotted sections.

All tickets at the Schottenstein Center Ticket Office are $10, so please purchase your tickets in advance.

Tickets are good for the first DI semifinal game at 6:00 PM and our 8:00 PM DI semifinal game.

Children 2 years old and younger do not need a ticket if they will be sitting on an adult’s lap.

Disability Seating:  Fans should take their ticket to Guest Services on the Entry Level near Section 122 to be exchanged.

Student Bus Info:

NDA hopes to take at least one student bus to the game and there are 50 seats available.  The bus will leave from NDA at 3:30 PM on Friday and return to NDA between 12:00 and 12:30 AM.  NDA teachers or staff will be supervising the students on the bus trip.  The cost to ride the bus is $10 and this includes the $8 student ticket.  Students need to sign up on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) to ride the student bus and will need to turn in a parent-signed release form with payment by Wednesday.  Students riding the bus should also bring money to purchase food (and/or souvenirs) at the Schottenstein Center as the bus will not be making any stops to eat.

There will be no student bus for Saturday’s state championship game.

State T-Shirts:

Gray NDA Basketball state tournament t-shirts will be sold this week.  The prices are $15 for long sleeve and $10 for short sleeve.  We would prefer payment when ordering, but students must order their t-shirts on Monday or Tuesday during lunch in the main office lobby to guarantee that they will receive their shirts.  If a student orders a shirt she will be required to pay for the shirt.

What happens when we win?

State finals tickets will go on sale immediately after our semifinal game in the Auxiliary Gym in the Southwest corner of the Schottenstein Center.  NDA fans must have a semifinal ticket stub to be eligible to purchase finals tickets through this sale. The tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and you probably will not get the same seat you had for the semifinal game. Only cash will be accepted for the finals tickets sale ($8 per ticket). A PA announcement will also be made during the semifinal game to inform fans of the procedures for the finals sale. The state final will be on Saturday, March 16, at 8:30 pm.  Those that cannot attend the semifinal but want to attend the final can purchase a ticket from the Schottenstein box office on Saturday.  Let them know you want tickets in the NDA section.

Questions?  Please contact Athletic Director Gary Snyder at gsnyder@nda.org

Senior Gracie Bennett Receives $1,000 Scholarship in State of Ohio Attorney General Contest

Congratulations to senior Gracie Bennett who placed third, from nearly 100 students, in the Attorney General Dave Yost’s 2018 Take Action Video contest. She received a $1,000 scholarship for her video “Keep Your Time and Information Safe – Register Today!” The attorney general announced the winners of the video contest, which was open to Ohio high school students.  Students were asked to create a 60-second video about one of the following telemarketing-related topics: the National Do-Not-Call Registry, dealing with illegal robocalls, and using technology to stop unwanted calls.

Freshman Art Student, Georgia Woodruff, Writes Award Winning Art Criticism

Art I freshman and NDJA alum, Georgia Woodruff wrote an award-winning essay for the 2019 Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open, sponsored by the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA). Her art criticism piece on The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp by Rembrandt won 3rd place in the Division 4: (Grades 9-12) category. She will have her essay on display as part of the Youth Art Month display and be honored at the Youth Art Month Awards Recognition Ceremony today in Columbus, Ohio.


Read Georgia’s essay below:

Analysis of Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, a painting done by Rembrandt in 1632, depicts a famous surgeon, Dr. Tulp, demonstrating a surgery to a cluster of seven politicians from that time. He’s showing the muscles in the man’s arm. The man on the table is not alive; he is the corpse of a criminal, being dissected in a teaching manner for the politicians to see. The painting utilizes lighting to emphasize the criminal as well as the men’s faces and collars versus the dull background. It also uses color and line to draw the viewer’s eyes to the exposed muscles of the man’s arm. The men also have vivid faces, expressive and colorful, which sharply contrasts the cold and colorless face of the criminal’s corpse. While the majority of the painting is comprised of duller browns and darker tones of orange, the men have bright faces with pink accents to contrast from their clothes and the background. The criminal has the same base color, except the accents are a less interesting brown, which gives the feeling of cold skin. Each man’s pose reflects a different personality, engaging the viewer in an exciting and lifelike scene.

At the time this piece was created, Dutch artists were often hired to paint group pictures. Most often, these pictures consisted of stiff figures with simple poses and expressions. However, Rembrandt put a creative twist on this by filling the subjects with life and varying their poses and expressions. Rembrandt also gave the painting a dark, cold mood, while also capturing the intrigue of the politicians. Dr. Tulp appears focused on his work, while the politicians are almost childishly interested in the surgery. It’s likely that Rembrandt painted the subjects so contrastingly to give Dr. Tulp an aura of brilliance and to draw the viewer’s attention to him just as the politicians have. This gives the group picture concept a whole new dimension, that in focusing the men on Dr. Tulp, Rembrandt has discovered a new way to place emphasis on a subject in the painting. He also intended to use this emphasis to instill a feeling of superiority into Dr. Tulp, that he has managed to capture the attention of these seven politicians and therefore has control over their perception.

NDA Fine Arts Students Place in State and National Flag Design Contest

The NDA Fine Arts Department received MORE great news regarding the Youth Art Month (YAM) Flag for Ohio contest results! Not only did Chloe Kozal ’20 win second place in the YAM Flag contest, but freshman Tiffany Smith WON third place as well! Both students will have their designs on display to celebrate YAM. The YAM Flag contest is both a state and national contest while the graphic contest is a statewide contest.