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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources:
Suicide Prevention Line: 1.800.784.2433
Bullying Prevention:
Testing Resources:
Learning Specialists, Armus, Alexander & Associates:

Intervention Services

Mrs. Tami Garno, Intervention Services is responsible for the coordination and implementation of intervention services for students who need a little extra support, such as Minor Adjustment Plans, or those who have disability determinations, are on Individualized Education Programs or Individualized Service Plans. NDA’s ultimate goal is to provide the intervention services and direct specialized instruction necessary for differently abled learners to grow and succeed within the college prep curriculum and to provide a learning environment that promotes growth through the differentiation of instruction and UDL so that all learners, regardless of individual learning needs, can access the curriculum and achieve to their fullest potential. Programs for special educational needs are available as Notre Dame Academy is a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider. For more information on Intervention Services, please contact: Tammy Garno, Intervention Services Coordinator, 419-725-6204,

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