Ohio students who attend low-performing public schools may be eligible to receive a scholarship from the state’s EdChoice Scholarship Program. 7th and 8th grade students receive $4650 towards private school tuition and high school students receive $6000.

How to apply
Contact admissions@nda.org to apply for enrollment at Notre Dame Academy.
Once accepted at NDA, complete the EdChoice application.
Give the application and supporting documents to Notre Dame Academy. NDA will then submit your application to EdChoice.
Notre Dame Academy Tuition Coordinator Karen Miller at kmiller@nda.org is available to answer questions.

To be eligible, students must meet one of the following criteria:
Are currently attending a designated public school in their resident district
Are attending a charter/community school whose assigned home school is a designated public school
Are currently attending a public school in their resident district and will be assigned one of the designated public schools next year
Are enrolling in an Ohio school for the first time and would be assigned to one of the designated public schools

Toledo area EdChoice designated schools:

Middle/High Schools
Bowsher High School
Jesup W. Scott High School
Jones Leadership Academy
Rogers High School
Start High School
Waite High School
Westfield Achievement
Woodward High School
Whitmer High School

Elementary Schools
Arlington Elementary School
Chase STEM Academy
DeVeaux Elementary School
East Broadway Elementary School
Garfield Elementary School
Glenwood Elementary School
Keyser Elementary School
Larchmont Elementary School
Leverette Elementary School
Marshall STEMM Academy
Martin Luther King Academy for Boys
McKinley STEMM Academy
McTigue Elementary School
Oakdale Elementary School
Old Orchard Elementary School
Ottawa River Elementary School
Pickett Elementary School
Raymer Elementary School
Reynolds Elementary School
Riverside Elementary School
Robinson Achievement
Robinson Elementary School
Rosa Parks Elementary School
Sherman Elementary School
Spring Elementary School
Stranahan Elementary School
Walbridge Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School

Further information on EdChoice can be found at www.education.ohio.gov/edchoice.