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Mrs. Kelly Wood

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Language Arts Department

Ohio State University,
B.A. English
Ohio State University,
M. Ed.

Favorite moment at NDA: I love seeing all the creative costumes people wear at Halloween and during Spirit Week.  One year, I dressed up as a toaster.  I was pretty pleased with myself.

Qualities your favorite teacher possessed:My favorite teacher was passionate about his subject AND great at communicating complicated ideas to his students.  That is a rare combination. He also valued and rewarded risky ideas, which is essential for real academic growth.

Favorite activity outside NDA: I love baking, crafting, and talking about social issues.  I love those things even more when I can convince my family to do them with me!

Favorite place in northwest Ohio:The Toledo Zoo, eating soft serve ice cream with sprinkles while we watch the giraffes.

My goal as a teacher is to help my students learn to think independently, communicate effectively, and consume media critically.  Literature, fiction and non-fiction, is a great vehicle for learning these skills.