Hall of Fame: Women of Vision

Living lives that reflect Gospels values.

Since 1989, Notre Dame Academy has welcomed more than 70 inductees into the Hall of Fame: Women of Vision. This honor is bestowed upon deserving graduates who have made outstanding contributions professionally and/or through service. The awards serve as a symbol for our alumnae, current students, and the broader community that the leadership, service and empowerment learned at NDA are permeated with Gospel values throughout an alumna’s lifetime.


□ Service Leadership Award: This award honors alumnae of Notre Dame Academy who have demonstrated use of their God-given gifts of time, talent or treasure through exemplary gospel service on a local, national or international scale.

□ Professional Achievement Award: This award honors professional career achievement that reflects the excellence and values inherent in the Notre Dame Academy mission.

Congratulations 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

In recognition of their community and professional leadership, two Notre Dame Academy alumnae, Jenny Hartman Biler ‘69 and Elizabeth Printki Koproski ‘90 were inducted into the NDA Hall of Fame: Women of Vision on May 3, 2019. Since 1989, Notre Dame Academy has welcomed more than 70 inductees into its Hall of Fame. This honor is bestowed upon deserving graduates who have made outstanding contributions professionally and/or through service.

Jenny Hartman Biler ‘69, is the recipient of this year’s Professional Achievement Award. She is a native of Toledo, Ohio, having grown up in the Regina Coeli School and Parish. She followed in the footsteps of her mother, Jacqueline St. Germain ‘41, and sisters, Theresa Grycza ‘65 and Suzanne Gilbert ‘68 when she graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1969. She went onto Siena Heights University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in History with minors in Education, Theology, Philosophy, and English, as well as her Master Degree in Secondary Education with a specialty in Curriculum and Development. Mrs. Biler also continued her education throughout her career accumulating 36 hours through the University of Notre Dame, University of Dayton, and University of Toledo.

Throughout her 42 year career in education, Mrs. Biler taught Theology, English, Psychology, and Geography and held several administrative positions. She taught at St. Mary Academy in Monroe, Michigan, for eight years where she also developed a Women in History course and a United Nations course. Notre Dame Academy benefited from its alumna for six years while she taught several classes and developed a Social Psychology course and a Cultural, Economic, and Political course. She was an Honors History, Psychology, and Theology teacher, a program administrator, and Kairos Retreat Director at St. John’s Jesuit for eight years. She returned to Notre Dame Academy as Dean of Academics where she remained for seven years while simultaneously serving as The Catholic School’s Representative to the Ohio Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Mrs. Biler spent sixteen at St. Mary Catholic Central (SMCC) as assistant principal for six years and ultimately retired after eight years as principal in 2013. Her entire educational and career life since age six has been in Catholic Schools.

In addition to her administrative and teaching roles, Mrs. Biler was an integral member of the SMCC Campus Ministry Program. She led many retreats for all grade levels, participated in several service trips; including traveling to Guatemala, Harlan, Kentucky, and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. In her retirement, she continues to serve the Campus Ministry Program as a student mentor and Theology teacher. She also volunteers as a religious education teacher at her home parish of St. Gabriel in Ida, Michigan and is a Lector at St. Joseph Sylvania Church.

Mrs. Biler and her husband, Al, have been married 46 years. They have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys all kinds of traveling; from road trips, to camping, to cruising. She couldn’t be more thankful to the Lord as she remembers the joys and successes of her and her family’s life.


Elizabeth Printki Koproski ‘90 is the recipient of this years’ Service Leadership Award. She graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1990 and went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree from Bowling Green State University. Elizabeth’s welcoming and outgoing spirit led her to become involved in the Christian Mission organization, Campus Crusaders for Christ (now called Cru) while on campus. She served over 24 years with with Cru/Athletes in Action, spreading Jesus’ message nationally and internationally until her life on this side of heaven ended in January 2019 after a recurrence of ovarian cancer.

Elizabeth led a life of influence because of her relationship with Jesus. She lived with intentionality and had a heart for all people. After grappling with a bit of an identity crisis in her early twenties she decided if loving people could be a hobby, it would be hers. At the Cru ‘17 conference, Elizabeth expressed in front of thousands of people, “God has changed my heart to His heart for others…The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as our self. Who is my neighbor? It’s not just the person who looks like me, smells like me, talks like me, or has my same faith. It’s all my neighbors.”

She lived in East Asia, where she met her husband Steve, for several years serving university students. Instead of coming in as the one who would teach them, Elizabeth came as a learner, wanting to know their culture. She spread the word of the Gospel to university students in New York City. Elizabeth and Steve were eventually transferred to Dayton, Ohio, where she was a Big Sister in the Big Brother, Big Sister program. She spearheaded the Voices of River’s Edge, a group that connects American families with refugee and immigrant families at River’s Edge Montessori in Dayton, Ohio. Elizabeth lead conferences for the Lenses Institute, which helps Athletes in Action staffers better understand and act in the ethnically and culturally diverse world in which they minister.

She invested her life helping others come to know Jesus and in bringing justice and hope for the marginalized, oppressed, and underserved around the world. In an interview entitled “Changing the World and Having Fun Doing It” by Tom Archdeacon with the Dayton Daily News Elizabeth was quoted as saying “I think now that I work with people from all over the world–people who are different than me–I’m seeing Jesus more clearly now that I ever have. I think when we stay with people who are always like us and see the world the same way–even politically–you get a smaller view of God. Other people can give you a fuller view of who He is. You can love Jesus and be a world changer and really have some fun too!”

Elizabeth authored an article for the Dayton Daily News herself called “What I learned about the world from my neighbors” where she expressed her view of the world and of God has increased  and that her hope is families from different beginnings can sit across the table from someone who is different from them and get to know them. “As we celebrate each other’s differences, Dayon becomes all the more beautiful.”

Elizabeth heard God’s message for her, she listened to it and let it change her as she served Him and made Dayton and beyond more beautiful.


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