HART Agency Leads Hour of Code for NDA Students

On Wednesday, December 11, Notre Dame Academy students joined schools from around the globe in participating in Hour of Code, the largest learning event in the world. Lead by representatives from Toledo area digital marketing and advertising agency HART. The hour was open to any NDA student along with those students who are currently taking coding at NDA. Over 25 students works with the software developers on coding games. According to Todd Coleman, Director of Technology and Innovation, “Sometimes people just have an aptitude for coding regardless of gender. Events like these are important to expose students to this industry to find if it is something they would be interested in and or have a natural aptitude. Coding is like learning a new language. You have your basic codes and build on that language as you learn.”

Greg Krabach, Senior Software Developer for HART, shared that he really likes working with youth, especially when it comes to technology like this coding event. “It is interesting to see how different people approach coding,” He said. “Some people move full forward and use a lot of trial and error and others tend to pre-plan their paths. Either way works, and adds to the huge social aspect of coding, because you will often be working with your team.”

Upon completing the coding activity there were many audible statements made by the students, such as, “I did it!”, “It worked!”, and “I am so proud of myself!” Mrs. Anastasia Desmond, Career Counselor for NDA explained, “We were proud of them as well. The girls took a chance, tried something new, and maybe found that they too have an aptitude for coding!”