Notre Dame Academy joined schools from around the globe in participating in Hour of Code, the largest learning event in the world. Led by representatives from Toledo area digital marketing and advertising agency HART, Notre Dame Academy students who are currently taking coding at NDA and member of NDA’s Makers Club completed an hour-long fun activity designed to extend their knowledge of coding. The students coded activities titled “Counter Hack” that gets them thinking about the flow of commands/actions. Using Javascript flow logic, the students learned about conditionals, for loops & while loops and using visual representation to illustrate how order of operations matter in the code.

The activity introduces students to the mechanics some basic operators that are used throughout almost every programming language. The Hour of Code, which takes place each December during Computer Science Education Week, is a one-hour introduction to computer science. Students participate in an hour of coding activities designed to empower everyone to learn the basics of coding. Notre Dame Academy’s Hour of Code will be one of more than 197,000 Hour of Code events taking place around the world.

Thank you to HART  for allowing their associates to lead our girls in this amazing global computer science event!  #brilliant