HELLO DOLLY! Callback list!

As NDA prepares for a cast list by Friday evening we would like to announce that boys may still audition for ensemble roles!
This is a smaller callback list than usual because so many parts call for a singing-dancing combo.  Call backs will start after school TONIGHT! –as soon as people can safely get there. Meet in the choir room -that is where you had your singing audition. We are never sure when these auditions will end, but we are hoping by 6:30 latest.  Some people may be allowed to leave earlier! Please wear clothes you can comfortably move and sing in that are appropriate for the venue.  Bring water–we will have some snacks.
Call-Back List in alphabetical order:
Maria Bier, Elise Brown, Peyton Burnor, Christian Eid,  Ava George, Anna Haudrich, TJ Haselman,Gabriel Hunyor, Patrick Kerrigan, Chloe Knapp, Sarah Korducki, Evan LaBeau, Renee Marting, Ada Ogbonna, Laney Poitinger, Mitchell Wiley