“Choose to Care” Theme of 2016 Valedictorian Anjali Fernandes’ Speech

2016 has been quite a year.  Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar, 2/3 of the Jonas brothers are making music again, Disney produced 3 of the 4 highest grossing films of the year, and we successfully graduated from NDA! Hello everyone and thank you for being a part of the graduation of the NDA class of 2016.  I am indescribably honored and blessed to be standing here giving a speech to one of the most brilliant classes in all of NDA history.  You have all been a huge blessing in my life and I thank you for all of the support and love I have received from this class and the Notre Dame community for the past four years.  I would also like to give a much too short thank you to my parents without whom I would have missed all of the beauty of life and learning and to my brothers Ketan, Sid, and Jayan because they make me laugh and because they wanted me to mention them in my speech.

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