IB Art Students Present Their Works in Exhibition

Notre Dame Academy’s  International Baccalaureate (IB) senior art students displayed their works in the NDA 2018 IB Visual Arts Exhibition.  All are part of NDA’s prestigious International Baccalaureate Program.  IB Visual Arts students compiled their art pieces to be reviewed on a global scale to receive either a certification or diploma through the IB Program offered at NDA.  Assessments are based on visual research of a historical topic and artists within that time period from multiple cultures,  journal entries from two-year’s worth of writing on every piece they created, as well as, an evaluation done by an International Baccalaureate instructor that could live anywhere in the world.  Assessments are done internationally throughout the program as they are assessed for a certificate or diploma.

Meet this year’s gallery artists!

Ava Werner  is an IB full Diploma Candidate.  Ava’s exhibit included a 4’ x 6’ mixed media installation and a self –portrait created with found objects. Her exhibition was entitled, “The Beauty of Imperfect Perfections”.

Yasmin Wassel Yasmin’s parents immigrated to the U.S. immigrated to the U.S. because of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Her artwork allows her to use visual arts for social activism.  Her exhibit entitled, “Static” addressed topics from Afghanistan using photos from the 1960’s and she honors relatives that have fled globally and other global issues.

Cate Orchard  presented her exhibition entitled, “Through the Eyes of an Empath”.  She is a charcoal artist whose exhibition focused on the global environment.

Meghan Wertz credits her trip to France this past year with St. Francis deSales High School for inspiration for her exhibit. She was inspired by the architecture, and used glass mosaic to capture the architecture of French street scenes.

Morgan Cunningham’s exhibit entitled, “Aesthetics and Emotion “includes a monarch butterfly mixed media sculpture inspired by the endangerment of the Monarch Butterfly’s ecosystem.

Emily Kelly explored the importance of family through graphite self-portraits combined with collage digital images relating to her maternal and paternal family. Her exhibition is entitled, “This is Me”. The exhibition shows the importance of her heritage in a two-piece series.

 Danielle Schuster’s exhibition named, “All of Us” is a collection of art that focuses on the objectification of a woman’s right to say, “No”.  Pieces emphasize red, yellow, green stop lights using a portrait with a different facial expression on each one. Danielle’s was inspired by Jaume Plensa, an artist who work was featured at the Toledo Museum of Art.


Abby Adler’s “Sense of Place” is a six piece collection of design using different media.  Abby’s favorite media to experience was print making.  Hoping to someday design textiles while interior decorating, she admits that when she is creating a piece she is aware that it could become more than just wall décor; it could become a future textile.

 Alise Lagger explored mental health and the importance of positivity in her exhibition entitled, “Mindful”. Alise’s pieces includes a hanging poetry installation.