International Baccalaureate (IB)

Select your own path in coursework that will set you apart!

“IB goes deeper into the concept of something. Instead of just doing some research on one topic it goes deeper and deeper and really gets into the topic. I liked how teachers let you do your own independent research rather than just give you a Power Point.” –Crystal D., ’17

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a rigorous, two-year comprehensive curriculum for grades eleven and twelve that prepares you for post-secondary study through courses and instructional techniques that emphasizes critical thinking, application of knowledge and an interdisciplinary approach with strong international focus. Recognized around the world as an International Baccalaureate World School, we were the FIRST all-girls school in Ohio to begin IB and are the ONLY recognized IB Diploma Programme School in northwest Ohio. You may self-select to either receive a full  IB diploma or subject-area certificate.

All colleges offer credit for IB coursework. NDA graduates have earned up to one year of college credit.  NDA also has implemented a Pre-IB Programme with our 7th and 8th grade students that includes practicing the IB Learner Profile, the IB Approaches to Learning, as well as, a Creativity, Service and Action Project (CAS) as we prepare them to become IB learners!

IB curriculum

IB courses for Grades 11-12 include:

Biology HL
Business Management SL, HL
English SL, HL
French SL, HL
History HL
Latin SL
Mathematical Analysis and Approaches SL
Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL
Music SL, HL
Physics SL, HL
Spanish SL
Theatre Arts SL, HL
Visual Arts SL, HL

Diploma only: 

Creativity, Action, Service
Extended Essay
Theory of Knowledge

Online only:

Business and Management SL, HL
Chinese Mandarin AB Initio SL
Economic SL, HL
French Ab Initio SL
Film SL
Information Technology in a Global Society SL, HL
Mathematics HL
Mathematical Analysis and Approaches SL, HL
Mathematics Applications and Interpretations SL, HL
Philosophy SL, HL
Psychology SL, HL
Spanish Ab Intio SL
Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay

How to plan for IB at NDA

If you are planning an IB path during your time at NDA we suggest the following curriculum choices whether you are planning to be a Full-Diploma Candidate or receive a International Baccalaureate Certificate in a subject.

In 9th grade consider:
English 1 – Regular or Honors
Spanish 1 – Honors (or higher), Chinese 1 Honors, or Latin 1 Honors (or higher)
World History – Regular or Honors
Biology – Regular or Honors
Math 1 Honors (or higher)
Speech and Drama 1 or Art 1
Theology 1

In 10th Grade consider:

English 2 – Regular OR Honors
Spanish 2 Honors (or higher), Chinese 2 Honors, or Latin 2 Honors (or higher)
AP Psychology, AP Art History, or U.S. History
Chemistry – (Regular or Honors)
Math 2 Honors (or higher)
Theology 2
Art 2 (required for IB Visual Arts only) or Elective
Computer Apps/Elective

Student testimonial

Hi! Good afternoon.
I was asked about writing a testimonial regarding my experience with IB. Seeing as IB was the single most transformative program I engaged in during high school, I am both proud and pleased to offer my thoughts.
The IB program turned learning into an interactive, critical, and highly engaging experience. This is the kind of learning I (and many other students) adapted to, and the kind of learning environment I began to flourish.
IB English Year 1 with Mrs. Wood in particular, was the single most influential class I took. Until that point, I had been apathetic towards school and had a pretty extrinsic motivation for doing well: namely, getting good grades. IB English took that attitude and revolutionized it. I began feeling more connected with what I was learning, more confident in the skills I was developing, and more expressive with my intelligence. The class turned into an outlet for thought and a culture of idea sharing rather than the stiff “memorization model”. As a result, I became more confident, more outspoken, more dynamic, and more engaged with learning– and I joined Speech Team, something I had been terrified of doing, but always intrigued with. Now as a college student and Foriegn Policy and Security Major, where the classroom is discussion based, I have the unique advantage of feeling comfortable in such an environment. It has allowed me to get ahead where my classmates struggle, and defined the career path I am currently following.
This confidence allowed me to maximize my participation in my other IB courses during my first year, which ultimately led to my deeper engagement and commitment to these classes. My second year of IB deepened these skills I began to develop my first year and gave me the true appreciation for the potential that learning has for transforming individuals!
My experience wouldn’t have been possible with all the wonderful teachers I’ve had along the way, including Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Beaverson, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Huffman, Dr. Malik and Mrs. Wood. And of course Ms. Joseph as well! Everyone I’ve experienced along my IB journey has contributed to my development, and taught me not only about their respective subjects, but about me as a learner and an individual.

Thank you for all your work!

Alexis D. Oberdorf

Creativity, Service and Action (CAS) Project

The Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) portion of the IB Diploma offers an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in IB outside of the classroom. Some CAS projects NDA students have done are:

  • Raised $1200 for an Indonesian wildlife preserve by selling tote bags made of recycled materials at the West Side Buy Local Sale
  • Started a NDJA Drama Club using IB Theater skills to help NDJA students find ways to express themselves in theater
  • Led the NDA varsity softball team in collecting feminine products to send to a women in a low income community
  • Envisioned and implemented a day-long school-wide Feminine Genius symposium
  • Raised $2000 for Syrian refugees by creating and leading a row-a-thon