Math Faculty to Present at National Conference on Math Circles

Math Circle really helps us think in different ways and we get a “bigger idea” about math and all the cool ways to learn, not just the math we learn in class!” ~Megan Sturgeon 7th grader


NDA’s Math Circle recently gathered and combined a classic activity with modern math concepts. Last year, Math Circle was introduced to NDJA students as a way to support the growth of STEM opportunities for the girls at NDA. Math faculty members Mrs. Joan Funk and Mrs. Marcia Miller are moderators for the circle.

“We always liked to have fun with math concepts,” said Mrs. Miller. “From the beginning, we have had a great response from the girls involved in Math Circle.”  “They love the mathematical challenges we present to them.” Mrs. Funk added. “Watching them think the problem through and understand the concept is the best part!” Both moderators will present at the MidSchoolMath National Conference in Santa Fe New Mexico in March of 2019 on the importance of and how to begin a Math Circle in middle school. (

November’s Math Circle meeting activity began with members coloring classic “Shrinky Dink” material.  After the object was prepared, and prior to baking, each student had to estimate different proportional relationships. The circle activity is perfect for exploring ratios, proportions, measurements, and scaling. Questions were asked like, “What size will my shape be after it is heated in the oven?” or “If I want my shape to be a certain size after I heat it, then what must the initial size be?” Madison Pienta, 7th grader said, “I really like coming to Math Circle because it adds more fun and excitement to learning math!”