新 Xīn 年 nián 快 kuài 乐 Happy Chinese New Year! NDA international students and faculty have been celebrating the Chinese New Year this week and it all began with food. Lots and lots of authentic Chinese food. Senior Mia Kim who is Korean, sophomore Serena Chang who is Taiwanese, and senior Bei Jiang and sophomore Sophy Zhao, who are both Chinese, joined International Student Director, Ms. Angie Joseph for a traditional Chinese dinner at a local restaurant. The girls were very excited to see their favorite foods on a “special menu” and were even more excited to have Ms. Joseph try their favorites! The weekly celebration activities also included international students Jingsi Wang ’20, Sylvia Shentu ’20 and Jesse Wang (Jingsi’s sister) ’22!

The Chinese New Year of 2020 fell on January 25th (Saturday), and the festival will last to February 8th, 2020. Traditions include red home decor, extra time dedicated to family, a large meal featuring seasonal favorites, firecrackers, and the beloved red envelope! Children look forward to the red envelopes the most as they contain a small gift of money. Family members give all children a red envelope as a symbol of good luck and blessing in the future year. Ms. Joseph, every year, supplies red envelopes to faculty and staff to fill and give to our international students who are celebrating.