NDA recently celebrated May Crowning. It was a beautiful spring morning and every one of the students, faculty and staff brought flowers to celebrate and honor, Mother Mary.  A May Crowning is a traditional devotion in which an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is crowned with a wreath of flowers. It was done during a morning Mass. This act of devotion is done during the month of May to recognize Mary as Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth, and Queen of Peace.

Crowning Mary— Alana Okuley
Carrying the Crown— Haley Augustyniak
Carrying the Cross— Abigayle Rose
Introduction to the Rosary – Jamie Lenart
Introductory Prayers –  Dana Kaminski
Introduction to the 1st Decade & Leading the 1st Decade  –  Katie Chryst
Introduction to the 2nd Decade &Leading the 2nd Decade  –Lacey Schwind
Introduction to the 3rd Decade –  Kara Cannon
Soloist— Grace Durfey

Our Father         (French)                                                Alycia Boutrand
Hail Mary            (Spanish)                                             Isabella Yazji
Hail Mary            (Latin)                                                 Audrey Chisholm
Hail Mary            (Russian)                                            Caroline Dziubek
Hail Mary            (German)                                            Heidi Link
Hail Mary            (Latin)                                                 Emily Schroeder
Hail Mary            (Hindi)                                                Jyothika Yermal
Hail Mary            (Taglog)                                              Rachel Bush
Hail Mary            (Spanish)                                            Holly Kevern
Hail Mary            (French)                                             Claire Kohler
Hail Mary            (Chinese)                                            Alycia Murphy
Glory Be              (Latin)                                                 Marissa Dzots
Introduction to the 4th Decade  & Leading the 4th Decade –  Taylor Dudley
Introduction to the 5th  Decade & Leading the 5th Decade   –   Maria Wood
Senior Ensemble:   * Alexandria Bauer  * Kaitlin Davis  *Lauren Drzewiecki  * Marion Hauser  * Ashley Keane  * Carly Krulikowski  *Emily Manner  * Sarah Walz   * Sophia Williams

The U.S. bishops state: The queen symbol was attributed to Mary because she was a perfect follower of Christ, who is the absolute “crown” of creation. She is the Mother of the Son of God. (via: EWTN.com)