Read about what the NDA Resource Center and Makerspace offers our students to support learning and research as well as sharpen their problem solving and critical thinking skills. We will accept any of the items below for student use in the space! Contact Mrs. Jessica Smithers at for more information.

Art Supplies

markers/crayons/colored pencils/paint, adult coloring books, yarn/knitting Supplies, construction paper, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, rubber band, rubber bands, play doh/clay, soldering iron/soldering kits, cardboard construction materials/boxes, sewing materials, sewing machines, scissors, fabrics/textile , swatches/felt, old telephone wire, pipe cleaners, wire cutters, tennis balls, nuts and bolts, model magic, mod podge, straws, duct tape/scotch tape, dental floss, foam board/poster board, paper (origami, construction, plain), crossword/sudoku books

Tinkering Toys/Blocks

Legos/Linkin Logs/K’nex, construction kits, wooden blocks/magnetic blocks, Little Bits, pick up sticks, Cubelets, LEDs/batteries


Problem-solving/strategy games, 3D puzzles, Jenga