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Thy Loyal Daughters We Will Ever Be…

Questions about Homecoming Weekend and Reunion:

Is the homecoming weekend a reunion?

Yes! This year instead of offering only one event we have organized three separate events to create a more inclusive opportunity for our alumnae to re-connect with friends and their school.

Why did you change the format of reunion to an all-alumnae event?

After reviewing our alumnae survey results last year, we have re-structured the reunion to match the requests from our alumnae.  Alumnae have voiced their opinion that since they had spent four or more years at NDA they wanted to re-connect not only with their graduating class but also those in other classes with whom they walked the halls.  We’ve worked hard to create three separate alumnae events this year that offers something for everyone, whether they graduated this year or 50+ years ago. 

What are the milestone classes?

Milestone classes are classes that will be celebrating their 10, 25 and 50 year anniversaries.

Am I able to coordinate my own class reunion?

Absolutely! We encourage classes to form a committee, of more than one person, to generate interest in the NDA Homecoming Weekend and individual class celebrations. Once you have formed a committee and are ready to proceed please contact the NDA Alumnae Coordinator. We are happy to advertise your individual class celebration in The Plaid Pages, our website and social media.  

How do I form a committee for my class?

It is often the many personal connections that generate interest in individual class celebrations. If you gather at least three to five classmates to share the load, it can be a rewarding experience that brings about lasting memories! If you would like to help create a committee for your class, please click here.  

What have other classes done to organize their own reunion?

Members of the class of 1958 worked together to organize a beautiful 60th celebration at Brandywine Country Club last summer. This year’s 50th class is meeting together prior to the Reception on Saturday evening for a pre-party event. Once you have formed a committee and are ready to proceed please contact the NDA Alumnae Coordinator.  

Who is welcome to attend the Friday evening picnic?

All friends and families of NDA alumnae are invited to the picnic! To register and purchase tickets to attend the alumnae picnic please click here. Tickets are $5.00 per person.

Are significant others invited for the Saturday evening reception?

Yes, we welcome significant others though you may choose to make it a girls night instead. To register and purchase tickets to attend the Reception please click here. Tickets are $20.00 per person.

Why is there a cost involved to attend the homecoming weekend events?

We strive to provide our alumnae with a variety of events at an affordable price. The ticket price associated with any of our alumnae events throughout the year typically only covers the cost to host.

Who is welcome to participate in The Izzy Shuffle?

The Izzy Shuffle is a community event being held this year in conjunction with our homecoming weekend. We welcome any and all participants and our alumnae support in promoting what we hope will become an annual event. To participate in the 5K Run/Walk and Kids Run please click here.

I would like to see my classmates however, feel I may be lost in the crowd if all Alumnae are invited?

We encourage classes to form a committee of more than one person to generate interest in attending one of our homecoming weekend events.  Also, several classes have a Facebook page which they utilize when planning events and get-togethers amongst their class.

If I come to an event is NDA just going to ask me for money?

Our purpose in inviting alumnae back for events is to bring you back to your Alma Mater and to help you re-connect with classmates, former teachers and the school. We welcome donations to provide for current and future students of NDA.

To start planning your individual class celebration, please click here.