Incoming 7th, 8th, 9th graders, and transfer students at Notre Dame Academy (NDA) are spreading messages of kindness all around Toledo. Students gathered on NDA’s front lawn yesterday to draw kindness messages on rocks. “With the stress from COVID, we felt that everyone could use some kindness,” said NDA Admissions Director Jamie Orians. “NDA is a very warm, supportive community and we wanted to spread that kindness to each other throughout Toledo. If you find one of the rocks, feel free to keep it or pass the encouraging message on to someone else who needs it.” Freshman Tiniyah Walker enjoyed making others happy, “It feels nice to encourage others even if you don’t know who they are.”

Each rock inlcuded a QR code for the finder of the rock to scan and take a picture and tag NDA on social media.  The finder then can keep the rock or pass it on to someone who may need a reminder of love and kindness.

NDA Visual Arts Chair Susan Kozal led the girls through creating the rocks. The event, which was held on Notre Dame Academy’s front lawn, attracted attention from drivers on Sylvania Avenue. We wanted the girls to come together but also needed to honor social distancing guidelines,” said Orians. “NDA’s spacious campus is ideal for that.” After the students decorated their rocks, they were blessed by Notre Dame Academy Campus Minister Josh Mocek. “Giving to others is part of our values at NDA,” Mocek said. “For that reason, each high school student is expected to give 70 hours of service while at NDA. With COVID, doing in-person service has been harder. #NDARocksKindness is a way our students can continue to do good in the community.”

Rocks for the event were donated by Sandman Sales Yard.