Notre Dame Academy 8th Graders Chosen for University Scholarship Program

Notre Dame Junior Academy eighth graders Jordyn Bailey and Niah Lee were both accepted into the TOLEDO EXCEL Scholarship Incentive Program. This program targets academic achievers from underrepresented backgrounds and provides college prep programming throughout high school with a scholarship to the University of Toledo upon completion.

“I heard about the program from my mom and I pursued it because I was intrigued!” Jordyn said. “I feel honored to be accepted because only fifty 8th graders were accepted.” Both girls are excited about the week long residency on The University of Toledo’s college campus. “I know other students who went through this program and they had a great experience. I am looking forward to meeting other students in the program.” Niah said.

TOLEDO EXCEL, is a scholarship incentive program at The University of Toledo that strives to prepare students for success in college. TOLEDO EXCEL involves students in pre-college academic programs to increase their self-esteem, cultural awareness of diversity, and civic involvement. Students in the program also receive opportunities for summer institutes, tutoring, academic retreat weekends, campus visits, and financial aid. In addition to the intensive academic year programming, each TOLEDO EXCEL student also performs a minimum of 25 hours of voluntary community service each year, providing assistance to various organizations and agencies.