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Notre Dame Academy's COVID-19 Response

Notre Dame Academy is closely monitoring all updates and recommendations of the CDC, state and local health organizations on the Coronavirus-COVID-19.


What are NDA's status and policies?


COVID-19 Weekly Dashboard

As of 11/20/2020
*Updated every Friday

Isolation: Individuals who are remaining isolated at home because of a positive COVID-19 test or presumed positive case. Isolation is for a minimum of 10 days and 24 hours symptom-free without medication.

Quarantined: Individuals who are identified as having close and sustained contact (distance of 6 feet or less for 15 minutes or longer) within 48 hours of exposure with a COVID-19 positive case or presumed positive case.  Individuals will be required to quarantine for 14 days.



This weeks New Cases 

Change from last week

Year to date

Total Population

% of Population

Students Positive for Covid-19






Employees & Coaches Positive for Covid-19







NDA's November and December Plan

NDA Virtual Plans for November and December letter (11-18-20)

Addendum to Virtual Plans letter from 11-18-20 (11-19-20)


When should I quarantine or isolate?

Student Scenario Flow Chart

Lucas County Health Department Flow Chart


What are good ways to take care of myself during the pandemic?

Know How to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Self Care Resources


List of State I National I Global Resources

Lucas County Health Department

Ohio Department of Heath

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 

World Health Organization 

National Association of School Psychologists

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