Tuition Payment Information

Tuition & financial aid deadlines

January 8

FACTS Management Company financial aid applications are due for all incoming NDA students applying for financial aid. (Completion includes submission of the required tax documentation to FACTS Management Co. Late applications will be processed as they are received based on funds remaining after the initial awards have been made. Parents may appeal the award by submitting additional information to the Tuition Assistance Committee. This generally would be a change in financial status that occurred subsequent to the original application.)

February 28

Financial Aid applications are due to FACTS Management Company for continuing NDA families. 

(Completion includes submission of the required tax documentation to FACTS Management Co. Late applications will be processed as they are received based on funds remaining after the initial awards have been made. Parents may appeal the award by submitting additional information to the Tuition Assistance Committee. This generally would be a change in financial status that occurred subsequent to the original application.)

March 31

$300 Registration fee due for all incoming and returning students

June 1

If you plan to utilize an education loan, apply to Your Tuition Solution (YTS) at (See Monthly Payment under Payment Options.)

May 31

To schedule a one-time payment or a monthly payment plan through FACTS Management Company, create your FACTS account. Continuing NDA families will be automatically re-enrolled.

July 12

Tuition and fees balance due. Financial aid will be deducted from the balance due.

Payment options

Full Pay

Option 1 – If you would prefer to schedule your one-time payment you may do so through FACTS Management Company (FMC). Payment can be made through FACTS by credit card (with a 2.85% processing fee) or through ACH bank account withdrawal.  There is no charge for setting up an account with FACTS or using the ACH payment method for full pay.  If you choose to pay online, you may create your account any time March 1 – June 15, to schedule your payment.  The account must be created no later than June 15.  

    Click on the FACTS (FMC) button to set up your scheduled one-time payment.

Option 2 – Full payment can also be made directly to the Business Office at Notre Dame Academy via check, cash, or debit/credit card no later than July 12.  Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards are accepted. Credit card payments may be made in person or by phone. Checks or money orders should be made payable to NDA – be sure to include your daughter’s 6-digit student number in the memo line. Return check fee of $30 will be assessed for all returned checks. If a check is returned, future personal checks may not be accepted. Cash payments may be made in person in the Business Office and a receipt will be issued. Please do not send large amounts of cash to school with your daughter.

Monthly Payment

Option 3 – Families may set up a monthly payment plan through FACTS Management Co. with the first monthly payments beginning in July or August.  Payments can be made over ten or eleven months, to be completed by the end of the school year.  The payment plan can be set up online, click here to set up account.  The time frame for setting up a payment plan with FACTS is March 1 – June 15.  The payment plan must be set up by the June 15 deadline; otherwise, payment is due in full by July 12.  Please note that FACTS charges a $41 enrollment fee for use of their monthly program, and a 3% financing fee is charged by Notre Dame for this monthly option.

*Note:  If you have a daughter entering NDA for next year, as well as a continuing student at NDA, and you are already using a payment plan for the current school year, your incoming student will be added to your existing FACTS account.  Please do not set up a new account for the second daughter.

    Click on the FACTS (FMC) button to set up your monthly payment plan.

 Extended Monthly Payments

Option 4 – Notre Dame Academy has partnered with Your Tuition Solution (YTS) to provide extended monthly payment plans.  YTS offers education loans from $2,000 to $50,000 for a period from 24 to 84 months. Interest rates begin at 3.99% and are fixed for the duration of the loan. To utilize YTS, families must apply at their website determine eligibility.  Application must be made to YTS no later than June 1.

There are no application fees and no penalties for early payment of the loan. Once the online application is completed, YTS will determine eligibility. To determine eligibility, YTS may request tax documents for income verification purposes (similar to FACTS), and/or they may choose to perform a credit check. Once a family has been approved for a loan, YTS will notify Notre Dame and Notre Dame will confirm the loan amount. The loan amount may not include registration fee and my not exceed the tuition balance. Once Notre Dame confirms the loan amount to YTS, YTS will mail the loan documents to the family for signature. The family will return the signed paperwork to YTS; 48 hours after receiving the signed loan documents, YTS will disburse the loan. The first loan payment will be due 60 days after disbursement of the loan. If the paperwork is not received by YTS and the loan is not executed within 60 days of the date of application, the loan application will expire.

      Click on the Tuition Solution button to set up your monthly extended scheduled payment plan.


NDA is now a part of the West Toledo Parochial School Parents Association

West Toledo Parochial School Parents Association
2828 West Central # 8
Toledo, Ohio 43606
(419) 318-WTPS (9877)

Please read the following letter from WTPSPA:

Dear WTSPA Customer,

I am Andrew Ranazzi and with Diane Fockler, my partner, we have run, since 1998, the WTPSPA, a non-parish/school affiliated scrip program.  We invite you to start earning for your child’s education using a scrip program, like the one you are used to, that doesn’t close its doors (even for a week) and provides you with unprecedented tuition earning opportunities. 

The WTPSPA is a thousand parent organization that makes nearly $140,000 for its member parents. The success of the WTPSPA, without benefit of a school or parish infrastructure from where to collect orders or payments, can be attributed to several simple philosophies. 

They are, in reverse order of importance:


WTPSPA families order Wednesday by 9 a.m., they get their scrip ALL the time by Thursday morning.  This means most of the time they get their scrip before their account gets hit by the ACH.  The WTPSPA also cuts checks to its families on the last order day of the fiscal year…that SAME DAY!  So if you want the best selection of local (Marcos, Loma Lindas, Magic Wok) and national (McDonald’s & Target) vendors as well as EVERY GROCERY STORE (including the only place you can buy KROGERS) FAST…we are your only place to scrip shop.


WTPSPA hasn’t EVER taken two weeks off in a given year and has a string of nearly 470 consecutive weeks since it’s last week off in April of 2007.  The WTPSPA is the Cal Ripken of scrip programs.  Consistency is the theme here.  Our families can count on us every week.  Your financial obligations don’t take weeks off, have snow days or school holidays and neither should your program.  This is where our online ordering application “iScrip” is an invaluable asset because Monday/Tuesday snow days or school holidays don’t matter as everyone is ordering and paying online.  With no weeks off our parents get a routine down and will chew an arm off before they make a sizeable purchase without scrip.


THE WTPSPA takes the first $40 of a family’s earnings.  After that you keep every dollar.  The WTPSPA also has several incentives where you can get that $40 back and more making it easy for you to keep every dollar.  The WPSPA has a set amount so that parents are encouraged to use the program in as much volume as possible knowing they keep every dollar after number 40.  A parish who takes a “mandatory” percentage of 25-50% is not inducing you to buy in volume.  Further, you can earn a lot more and then make a gift to church or school that you can then tax deduct it because it is voluntary. 


We will make arrangements for you to get your pickup box key after you have placed your first order. If we can assign you a pickup box with a family you know we will do that, if not, you’ll get a box that will still allow for great convenience when picking up your order.

Arrangements have been made with Notre Dame Academy to have your order dropped off at the school for your pick up convenience if that is what you prefer!

The order deadline is 11:45 am Wednesday. Just place your order online.

ALSO…welcome to iScrip…to get registered for iScrip do the following:
Go to then type in “new” under user
id and “102” under password and you will be prompted to sign up as a new family.  You won’t be able to login until you reply and tell me you did this.  After that reply I’ll approve your iScrip application immediately so you can begin ordering.


Also, please feel free to refer any other families to our program. We are growing and welcome any families that want to ease the financial burden of parochial school’s tuition.  Your referrals get you bonuses that can be used to offset the $40 fee and used to pay your child’s fees and tuition. 

We use e-mail, exclusively, to contact WTPSPA members, so check it regularly.
You can learn more here, or

Any questions after that just ask!  Email us at and you will get an immediate reply. 

–  Click here for more information.