Notre Dame Academy’s International Baccalaureate  senior art students displayed their works in the NDA 2019 IB Visual Arts Exhibition.  All are part of NDA’s prestigious International Baccalaureate Program.  IB Visual Arts students each compiled their art pieces and wrote a curatorial rationale to be reviewed on a global scale to receive either a certification or diploma through the IB Program offered at NDA. Assessments are based on visual research of a historical topic and artists within that time period from multiple cultures , journal entries from two-year’s worth of writing on every piece they created, as well as, an evaluation done by an International Baccalaureate instructor that could live anywhere in the world.  Assessments are done internationally throughout the program as they are assessed for a certificate or diploma.

Raven Begell-Long is a full International Baccalaureate Candidate. Miss Long’s exhibit revolves around the theme of recovery. Each part of Raven’s collection chronicles a part of the bereavement she feels due to the sudden death of her mother.

Aniah Bell-Langster’s exhibit focuses on delving deeper in to the aspects of her identity. Her exhibit focuses on the thematic elements of African-American Culture.

Rosie Ninghul Li used her experiences as a Chinese exchange student to insert her adoration for the multicultural world we live in with emphasis on her Chinese culture.

Kathryn Jackson The overall premise of her exhibition is “Embracing Empowerment”.  The concepts and issues that are featured in Miss Jackson’s work is diversity, appreciation, positivity and inclusiveness.