Course catalog, requirements & grading

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The NDA Course Catalog is developed and reviewed annual to ensure that our students to meet their academic, personal, college, and career goals! Your Notre Dame Academy (NDA) six-year, college prep course of study will meet or exceed state graduation requirements and is exceptional preparation for college. Click the following link for a printable PDF version:  Course Catalog 2019-20

7th & 8th grade requirements

By entering NDA as a 7th or 8th grader, you have the opportunity to take a wide range of electives and the option of taking high school level courses, including your choice of four foreign languages.

Area of studyAnnual credits7th grade course options8th grade course options
English2English 7English 8
Math2Math Fundamentals, Math FoundationsMath Foundations, Honors Math I
Theology2Theology 7 (includes prayer service)Theology 8 (includes prayer service)
Science1Science 7Science 8
Social Studies1Ancient CivilizationsU.S. History
Fine & Performing Arts17th & 8th Grade Choir, Beginning Strings, 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra, Exploratory Speech & Drama, Introduction to Visual Arts7th & 8th Grade Choir, Beginning Strings, 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra, Exploratory Speech & Drama, Introduction to Visual Arts
Physical Education1/2Physical EducationPhysical Education
Elective1/2Exploratory Journalism, Play Production, Chinese I, Honors Chinese I, French I, Honors French I, Spanish I, Honors Spanish I, Latin I, Honors Latin IExploratory Journalism, Play Production, Advanced Introduction to Visual Arts, 3-D Art, Chinese I, Honors Chinese I, French I, Honors French I, Spanish I, Honors Spanish I, Latin I, Honors Latin I

High school requirements

A Notre Dame Academy gives you excellent preparation for college. We require two majors and two minors:
Majors: 3 credits in one subject area, e.g. 3 credits in English, 3 credits in Social Studies.
Minors: 2 credits in one subject area, e.g. 2 credits in French, 2 credits in Business.
This minimum core curriculum will ensure unconditional admission to any State university in Ohio.

NDA requires 23 credits for high school graduation

Theology  4 credits

English  4 credits

Social Studies  3 credits

World History  1 credit

United States History  1 credit

United States Government  1/2 credit

Electives  1/2 credit

Math  4 credits

Science  3 credits

Biology  1 credit

Chemistry  1 credit

Electives  1 credit

Foreign Language (in same language)  2 credits minimum

Financial Literacy (online)  1/4 credit

Fine/Performing Arts  1 credit

Physical Education  1/2 credit

Health  1/2 credit

Computer Applications  1/2 credit

Senior Project  1/4 credit

100 Accumulated Hours of Service  1/4 credit

One Retreat per Year

Annual Retreat each year

Your schedule will be customized to you. Below is a typical four-year program for a Notre Dame Academy student. We have an eight-period schedule. These lists account only for six periods. The remaining period can be used to take a study hall or an extra class.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Theology ITheology IITheology IIITheology
English IEnglishEnglishEnglish
Foreign Language IForeign LanguageForeign LanguageForeign Language
HealthChemistryScience electiveU.S. Government
Physical Education IPhysical Education IISocial Studies electiveScience elective
Computer Applications I,IIU.S. HistoryFine Arts and/or electivesFine Arts and/or electives
World History
Fine Arts or electiveFine Arts or elective

New Graduation Requirements Class of 2018 and Beyond (ODE)

Notre Dame Academy Four Year Planning Reference and Graduation Requirement Guide 

End of Course Exams Passing Score/Equivalency Criteria (ODE)


First Honors4.0 +
Second Honors3.5 – 3.99
Third Honors3.0 – 3.49

The following courses are not counted for honors or included in the GPA:
Link Crew
Applied Dance
Office Assistant
Physical Education Physical
Education Assistant
Technology Assistant Senior Project
Music Assistant Performing Art Assistant
All other courses are counted for honors and in the GPA. Any courses (required or not by NDA) taken in summer school are not counted for honors or the GPA