Senior Seyoung Ree Places Third in University STEM Challenge

For the first time ever, Senior Seyoung Ree participated in the Ohio State University’s College of Engineering Hackathon and her team took third place. The Hackathon, a one-day STEM event for high schoolers, aims at providing students an opportunity to learn about computer science in a fun, engaging, and inclusive environment.

Miss Ree and her team were given the challenge of creating an interactive product that will reduce the SPACE between individuals and the topic of climate change. SPACE can relate to geographic distance, but it can also relate to differences between cultures, livelihoods, or beliefs. Miss Ree states that, “Forming a team with strangers and coming up with a feasible and creative idea for the task was a little bit of a challenge, but by the end of the Hackathon we were all friends! This opportunity allowed me to meet OSU computer science students and other professionals in the field through the various workshops we did!”