Seniors Return to Share Their Career Experiences From Senior Project Week

The 2019 senior class ventured out into the working world last week to experience their senior project. Seniors then returned to campus to share these experiences with underclass-women.

Stories of emergency rooms, pediatrician offices, court rooms, architect offices and many other working environments were shared. Seniors told of their experiences and how these experiences either solidified their college direction or changed it completely.

“My senior project experience made me feel even more confident in my college major choice. A lot of advice was given to me and I am more than ready to begin The Ohio State University to major in Biomedical Engineering!”

Megan Sherman will begin her college career at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the fall.  Megan had been leaning towards becoming a veterinarian. However, after her senior project experiences she felt that a change was in order. “I spent some of the week at Physiosource working in physical therapy and after that experience I feel a direction in physical therapy is a better fit for me.”

Hart Inc. allowed Jenna Reichert to work side by side with them for her project experience and she is completely sure the major she has been accepted to at the University of Cincinnati is the right choice! Jenna intends to pursue a communication design degree.