Senior information

Senior picture information

As hard as it is to believe, your senior year is right around the corner. That means it is time to think about senior pictures. Prestige Portraits, formerly known as Woodard Photographic (1.800.589.6411) is our contract photographer, so you must have your senior yearbook picture taken at their studio. The studio contact information is listed below. If you take the “Yearbook Only” option, it takes about 10 minutes and there is no cost to you. However, they are excellent photographers and offer a variety of packages to meet your senior picture needs.

NDA has set guidelines for your senior picture. Specifically, your picture must be taken by Oct. 31, 2018. Because Prestige takes care of many schools and gets very busy by late summer, I strongly suggest you schedule your appointment as soon as possible. For your yearbook photo, your shirt or sweater must be white. Any color in your shirt means your photo will be rejected by the school. Also, your top must have a crew neckline, which is a rounded collar at the base of your neck. No turtlenecks, no collars, no hoodies, no zippers, no teardrop type slits, no shirt over a tank top. Your top should be solid, so it should not be lace, open weave, or distressed. Nothing should be visible beneath the shirt. Please keep in mind a sweater will have a more classic look than a t-shirt. Jewelry should not stand out in any way; earrings and necklace pendants should be no bigger than the size of a dime. Prestige will forward the all senior photos to me in the fall, and the school administrators and I will review the pictures.

Please note that we reserve the right to correct or reject any picture based on its own merits and adherence to the stated guidelines. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in the student not having her picture in the yearbook and senior composite photo. For your convenience, these guidelines are also posted on the NDA website at

It is the expectation of the school that you understand it is your responsibility alone to meet these guidelines. It is not Prestige’s responsibility, although they are aware of the guidelines. If a photographer tells you a shirt does not meet the guidelines, please select another sweater better suited to our guidelines. They do have shirts at the studio, if needed.


Mrs. Julie Sells ( Journalism Department Chair

Senior project

The Senior Project, a requirement for graduation, is a capstone project that through direct experience, students can effectively broaden their learning about the topics that mean the most to them. By exposing the student to meaningful opportunities within the community, which not only permit, but encourage students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in school, we seek to provide added meaning and significance to their formal education. We believe that this project serves both the student and the community.  Successful experience will broaden the student’s perspective and heighten her awareness of the relationship between the individual and the community.  The project also provides an excellent opportunity for the professional men and women of the community to play a more active role in today’s secondary education and to help bridge the gap between the theories of the classroom and their practical application. The purposes of the Senior Project are as follows:

  1. To broaden the educational experiences of the student by exposing her to experiences, people, issues, and ideas which may not be part of the ordinary classroom experience.
  2. To provide an opportunity for the student to engage in a project under the direction of a Sponsor  who is an experienced professional, thus allowing maximum personal and professional development of the student

Projected Schedule: We understand that this might not be the exact schedule you will follow in May. But, to give you an idea, as well as help to keep you organized please complete the schedule below with predicted hours and locations for the project.   Remember the project consists of 36 hours and you have May 11th-17th to complete your project. For more details and forms on Senior Project, TBD!

Hall of families

Every May during  the graduation ceremony, the entire Notre Dame Academy community celebrates our time-honored tradition of the Hall of Families. The Notre Dame Academy Hall of Families honors every family who has graduated three or more daughters. For a printable version of the Hall of Families form – Click here!