The 2019 graduating class of Notre Dame Academy performed over 16,500 hours of service!

At Notre Dame Academy, as our mission states, we provide a holistic education permeated in gospel values, including the service of others. All students grades 7-12 are strongly encouraged to help those in need locally, nationally, and globally.  Any questions regarding service should be directed to Campus Ministry at 419.725.1250.

What’s allowed and what isn’t?

There are a few things we require for service hours to count:

  • They MUST BE served at any non-profit.
  • They MUST serve other humans by helping them to grow spiritually, mentally, or physically.

For example: The library, Heartbeat of Toledo, NDA Summer Academy and Sports camps, Migrant Ministry, and Safety City.We suggest and encourage the girls to go outside their comfort zones and to do service to women and children, though it is NOT REQUIRED. The following things will not count:

  • Service to animals
  • Service to family members

For example: cleaning cages at the zoo, babysitting your cousins, raking leaves for your neighbor.


In order for service hours to count, the girls will need the following:

    • a signature
    • an email verification from an adult supervisor

System for Logging Hours

We will now be using a system called MobileServe. We asked the girls to download the app on their phone. That way they can track their hours right there! They will not need to use there planner to track hours.

Service Hours

In addition to a system for logging hours, we have now changed the number of hours students will need each year. They are as follow:

    • Junior academy— You will participate in service projects, working together with parents and teachers who serve as role models. You will have an active role in choosing the type of service you will perform. Projects have included serving in soup kitchens, visiting the Sisters of Notre Dame Health Center, Appalachia at home and various other community-oriented projects.
    • Freshmen–20 hours of service at a non-profit organization or charity.
    • Sophomore–20 hours of service at a non-profit organization or charity.
    • Junior–20 hours of service at a non-profit organization or charity.
    • Senior–10 hours of service at a non-profit organization or charity.

“We learned many things from the Sisters along the way but we also learned many things from the kids like how to appreciate the simple things in life. I’ll never forget the people we met. They were poor and disadvantaged but they welcomed us with open arms. They made us stretch our hearts to God to do God’s work without hesitation.” —-Mercy T. ’19