STEM Technology Leads Eighth Grader To Confidence in Coding and 3D Printing

       Meet Danielle Donkor. She is an eighth grader.  She is a thinker.  She is a maker.

For a recent classroom art project, eighth grader Danielle Donkor wanted to create a 3D solar system. As she planned her project, she knew she wanted to somehow use the NDA Maker Space 3D printer. Danielle investigated all of her options and then logged into to create a stand using the printer. Mrs. Smithers, Director of the NDA Resource Center and Makers Space, taught Danielle how to use the 3D printer with the ideas that she found online.

“I wasn’t sure if it would work when I started creating the parts of the stand,” Danielle said. “Now that I understand the operations of 3D printing, and am more comfortable coding to create what I want, I have used the printer for more than just school work. I want to create a 3D replica of a bridge. Even if it takes a long time to design and organize, I want to design and print it myself.” The bridge is on hold at the moment as Danielle has her eyes on the newest technology introduced at NDA. A 3D pen. Danielle was one of the first to try out the pen to create an adorable flower. While putting the final touches on the flower, Danielle said, “I am asking for this for Christmas!”