NDA is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience permeated with Gospel values.

We follow the Diocesan Theology course of study and provide a schedule block for strengthening Catechetical knowledge. Notre Dame Academy is recognized as a Silver Level Catholic Relief Services Global High School.  As part of that commitment, NDA implements school-wide events to support and participate in the annual Lenten CRS Rice Bowl program!


Mrs. Bonnie Shambarger
Teaches 7th grade, 8th grade theology and seniors Faith in Action

Notre Dame College,B. Ed. English
Loyola University / New Orleans,M.A. Religious Education

Mrs. Rawaa Shikwana
Teaches freshmen (Revelation/Mission and Faith Basics)

University of Mosul, B.A. Science and Math
Lourdes University, M.A. Theology

Mr. Scott Kay
Teaches sophomore theology


Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation (one semester) – This course gives students a general knowledge and appreciation of the Sacred Scriptures while encountering Jesus Christ.  Centering on our natural instinct to seek God, students will explore the wonderful work of Our Lord in forming a people, giving the Law, and preparing for the Messiah.  An overview of Salvation History, its doctrine, people, and events will provide a foundation for future Theology courses.

Jesus Christ:  Mission and Ministry (one semester) – While continuing the survey of Salvation History, this course focuses on the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ while presenting the Church’s teachings about God the Father, the Trinity, Mary, and the Holy Spirit.  Students will understand the call of discipleship and that it involves a life of grace and holiness with a share of God’s everlasting Kingdom.

Faith Basics (two semesters) – This course is designed for students who have had little or no exposure to Catholicism.  The content of the course is the same as God’s Revelation/Mission and Ministry, while the pace and depth will permit students to achieve a level of competence necessary to be successful in subsequent Theology courses.


Jesus Christ: Source of Salvation – (one semester) ~ The Pascal Mystery of Christ’s Cross and Resurrection stand at the center of the Good News. In this course, students learn in greater depth the saving actions of the Lord. What is the meaning of God’s sacred and mysterious plan from creation, to the consequences of Original Sin, through the culmination of Christ’s Life, Passion, Death and Resurrection?

Jesus Christ: His Church and Sacraments – (one semester ) ~ This course roots the sacraments as the definitive way Jesus remains present to the Church and the world today. Through an explanation of the seven sacraments, through the meaning of memorial, celebration, communion and transformation, students will further their relationships with Christ and His Church.


Morality (one semester) – This course examines the complex problems of faith and morality in the modern world while moral decision-making, freedom and responsibility, conscience formation, imitating Jesus, and living the Beatitudes are the foundation that is then empowering students to understand and live out the Church’s teachings.  Morality is applied to life situations and moral issues.

Theology of the Body (one semester) – This course explores God’s plan for human sexuality in light of Catholic teaching. Because the body is a “theology,” it is meant to be a sign of God’s own life and love in the world. Theology of the Body challenges students to discover God’s call in their lives through an examination of relationships and dating, responsible sexuality, and discerning the vocation of single, married, and religious life. This course integrates the practical aspects of becoming a responsible, mature adult with our call to holiness.


Faith in Action (Social Teachings) – (one semester)  ~ The Christian understanding is that God desires a world in which all aspects of life are guided by justice and charity. This course explores the implications of living in such a world through a discussion of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching as modeled by such persons as Dorothy Day and Mother Theresa. Emphasis is placed on how students can respond to justice through a service component where students may take part in service projects in the greater community. 

Logic, Reason & Apologetics – (one semester) ~ In this capstone course for seniors, students will master the principles of logic, ethics and justice that inspire them to live with purpose, moral integrity and care for human life. Through an apologetics approach, students will learn how to use reason to explain and defend the faith as they prepare to engage in a more critical and increasingly secular culture.