Every journey needs a compass. Your unique talents will point you towards your personal goals but how you get there and who you become on the journey will be shaped by your spirit. Whether or not you come from the Catholic tradition, you’ll find NDA’s theological studies will give you an inner strength and deep spiritual grounding that will root and bless you throughout your life. For this reason, all students are required to take theology each year they are at NDA.

7th and 8th graders NEED A DESCRIPTION HERE

Freshmen who are familiar with Catholicism take Jesus Christ: Source of Salvation and Church & Sacraments. If you have had little or no exposure to Catholicism you will be placed in Faith Basics.

Sophomores learn about Jesus Christ: Source of Salvation and Church & Sacraments.

Juniors study Theology of the Body and Morality.

Seniors explore Faith in Action (Social Teachings) and Logic, Reason, & Apologetics as well as at least one of the following electives: Discernment: What’s Your Decision; Eschatology; or Honors Bioethics.

A detailed description of these courses is available in our course catalog —NDA Course Catalog 2019-20