Virtual Student Caroline Connolly Produces Winning Musical Poster

Junior Caroline Connolly didn’t realize years ago when she fell in love with the movie the “Into the Woods” that the story would once again come into her life inspiring her to create the 2020 NDA Musical Promotional Poster! NDA graphic design students were asked to produce a digital piece promoting this year’s performance, “Into the Woods!” “I have really never worked so deeply in digital before,” she said. “I mean, I have done some digital work in the past but I felt connected and passionate about this project from the beginning!”

She designed the piece using Adobe Photoshop and just kept playing and tweaking everything from the colors to the fonts. “I have a big imagination so working in art allows me to create and express my emotions,” she explained. “I really enjoyed using digital brushwork to design her cape and I loved working in the dark blues and the adding stars in the end.” Caroline is a virtual learner at NDA. She carries a full load academically as an IB, AP, and honors student. Although she is not in the production this weekend, you might see this brilliant artist in the audience! Congratulations Caroline!