So often, I find myself inspired by my students!

By the senior at states for the first time who works to do her personal best in each and every round.

By the girl who is desperately worried about a parent or a sibling, but still comes to school ready to learn and care for others.

By the girls who are passionate about causes and ideas–eager to make the world a better place.
By the girls quick with a smile, and a laugh, and a hug.  Ready to be a friend.
By the freshman competing at states for the first time who fights her way through an asthma attack to become state champion.
By the girls who go above and beyond–for whom mandatory service hours are just a jumping off point.
By the students who find themselves in literature, writing, on the court, on the stage.
By students who eat lunch together every year for four years at the same table, and sometimes laugh so hard they can hardly talk.
By the students who include someone new in their group, someone who needs a friend or a port in the storm.
By the girls who deal with anxiety or depression and battle each day to find their way past it.
By the students who stop and pick up someone’s dropped books in the hall or turn in the lost purse to the office or offer to help carry things for each other.
By the girls who practice till they get it right, for musical, visitation, speech team, play, every sport imaginable.
By the artists whose talent and heart and soul are in the work they labor to create.
By the girls who get their early to set up and stay late to clean up.
By the girls who hope they are the ones who are chosen for the service project and who work to be the face of God’s love in the world.
By the girls who come back from college and bring lunch or help their younger sisters accomplish what they did before them!
By the girls who dance until their feet ache, and then do it again.
By the girls who get things instantly and those who work so hard to find their way eventually.
By the girls who cry too easily or laugh too readily–wearing their hearts on their sleeves.
By the girls who can put their thoughts into beautiful words and by the girls who struggle to express all that is inside them.
By the girls who are perfectionists and the girls who are procrastinators–how lovely to be in a world with room for both.
By the girls who grieve and yet go on.
By the girls who grow up the hard way and use it to become better people.
By the girls who bring empathy and understanding when hate and anger might be easier.
By the girls whose research projects excite them, who find beauty in formulas and experiments.
By girls who discover new favorite authors to add to a large list of books that they love.
By the girls who find beauty in words, in nature, in animals, in people, as appreciation is something that spreads.
 By the girls of NDA–too many examples every day to mention–God Bless you each one.. Thank you for the inspirations that you all are.
~Written by Mrs. Trish Sanders, Notre Dame Academy Arts Department Chair and Alumna