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Notre Dame Academy has long been known as northwest Ohio’s leading school for the education of young women.

Students come to NDA because they want to be around others who value striving academically as much as they do.  

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program



You are likely to hold more than ten different jobs in your career. Education that is only about memorizing current knowledge falls short of preparing you. To succeed, you will need to extract insights from the sea of information and apply those insights. NDA’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program does this. Contact NDA IB Coordinator Angie Joseph, 419.459.9359 x1253 to learn more.

  • You will discover how to lead your own learning. 
    Your teacher’s role will be to coach you through articulating issues, finding information, and developing solutions.

  • IB emphasizes critical thinking. 
    You will learn how to analyze, synthesize and evaluate to raise your skills to a college level student while being supported in an encouraging environment.

  • You will learn from applying your knowledge. 
    IB is a two-year program for juniors and seniors where the second year applies the knowledge from the first year.

  • You will be prepared for the global economy. 
    IB has a strong international focus and assessments that are used in all IB programs around the world.This helps students to become more diverse and successful not only in college but future careers. IB will teach you integrated thinking. The IB curriculum is integrated across subjects so you study the same concepts from multiple perspectives.

  • You will be able to clearly articulate your thoughts. 
    Discussion, research and writing are strongly emphasized in the IB curriculum so you’ll learn how to influence others with your ideas. Key components practiced throughout the IB program to help students learn to think for themselves and formulate their own opinions while being open to others and their opinions.

  • Colleges put high value on IB. 
    IB makes your college application stand out. Colleges know that IB students are thoroughly prepared to succeed in college because IB is a college-level curriculum that concentrates on research, writing, discussion, collaboration, creativity and hands-on experiences. All colleges offer credit for IB coursework. NDA graduates have earned up to a year of college credit.

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5 Ways to Earn College Credit

Fit how you earn college credit to your individual learning style
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. IB is a two-year, college-level curriculum program for juniors and seniors recognized by colleges and universities both nationally and internationally. Students will take 6 core college level courses, an Extended essay (4,000 words), Theory of Knowledge course and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) project

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate. Taken as a two year college level curriculum for juniors and seniors who want to take IB only in particular subjects. NDA students who do not select IB Diploma often take a mix of college credit courses.

  • Advanced Placement (AP). Year-long college level classes that conclude with a test taken in the spring.

  • College Credit Plus (CCP). Allows Ohio students in grades 7-12 to participate in early college course options. Click here for details about College Credit Plus at NDA.

  • Lourdes Scholars. Dual Enrollment Courses taught on campus by NDA teachers approved by Lourdes University. Click here for more details on Lourdes Scholars.


Our schedule is designed around how you learn

  • You’ll have more time to complete homework and ask the teacher questions.
    Each class meets every other day.

  • You’ll be ready to learn.
    Every day has Mid-morning Student Flex Time where you can ask teachers questions or get a snack, or be with your friends.

  • AP or IB material will be fresh in your mind.
    All college credit classes meet for the full academic year.

  • You’ll have time to catch up with your friends.
    All students have the same lunch.

  • Classes have deeper discussions.
    Classes are 79 minutes long.

  • You’ll begin the day organized and ready to learn.
    Each morning has 10 minutes set aside to get organized.

  • Wednesdays start 30 minutes later than other days.
    Teachers use Wednesday mornings for professional development, so you get to sleep in.

For details on our schedule, download the Notre Dame Academy mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.



Support at NDA

Academic Support

At NDA, you’ll receive the free support you need to challenge yourself.

  • In Math Lab, a math teacher is available after school and private one-on-one math tutoring is available from Sister Vivette, SND.

  • During Student Flex Time, all teachers are available in their classrooms to answer questions.

  •  In Mentored Study Hall, a teacher or Intervention Specialist assists you with your study skills.

  • The Aerie Summer Institute gives incoming freshmen struggling academically, a mentor, a community, and responsibilities to abide by.

  • Students support each other as Peer Tutors.

  • If you have a MAP, Service Plan, or IEP, Intervention Specialist, Tami Garno (, will ensure academic supports and direct instruction are in place based on individualized needs.

Emotional Support

You will be part of a community that supports you.

  • Link Crew seniors help incoming freshmen navigate high school with planned activities and events throughout the year.

  • Through the International Baccalaureate (IB) “Big Sis / Lil’ Sis Program, all IB students have a peer who is in the program to give them tips, guidance, and encouragement.

  • Your counselor will get to know you because you will have the same counselor throughout your time at NDA.

  • Campus ministry is here to support you no matter what your faith or where you are on your faith journey.


Academic and Personal

Throughout your time at NDA, your counselor to help you with scheduling classes, support you academically, and guide you socially and emotionally. Your counselor will check in with you at least once a year and will be there for you when you just need someone to listen. For more information on counseling resources at NDA, click here or the counseling office can be reached at 419.724.1006.

Abby Beham ’09, M.A., LPC, Licensed School Counselor for students with last names A-L, 419.724.1006 x1007

Kristin (Eisel) Schank ’02, M.Ed., Licensed School Counselor for students with last names M-Z, 419.724.1006 x1013


NDA’s Career Counselor will meet with you at least once a year to help you develop the vision and skills to rise to the career of your dreams. You can learn professional skills and explore career options at Professional Skills Labs, Dine & Do's, Career Week, and networking events at local universities. NDA's Career Counselor will also lead you through your Senior Project, where you shadow and report on one to three careers of your choice. For more information on Career Counseling at NDA, click here.

Sydni Harmon, Career Counselor, 419.724.1006 x1009


Our college counselor will meet with you one-on-one throughout your junior and senior years to help guide you through the process from research on Naviance and application process through our annual college “Decision Day” May 1 celebration. All seniors attend our college application boot camp August of their senior year. Parents are guided through the process with informational meetings junior and senior years. For more information on College Counseling at NDA, click here.

Erin Young, M.Ed., College Counselor & IB Math, 419.724.1006 x1008

More counseling resources can be found under the counseling tab on the NDA app which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play



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